Meander Valley first in Tasmania to roll-out recycled roads

Posted on November 25, 2020

Council embarks on roads to sustainability

Cr King Group Shot

As part of Meander Valley Council’s commitment to work towards a sustainable future, some of the Municipality’s road network will be resurfaced using waste and recyclable materials.

“Road surfacing treatments are typically comprised of quarried rock and petroleum based products. By incorporating waste and recyclables we are reducing our reliance on finite materials and reducing waste to landfill,” Mayor Wayne Johnston said.

A number of roads in Prospect Vale will be the first in Tasmania to be resurfaced with products containing crushed glass as a substitute for sand and aggregate and crumb rubber from old tyres.

“Old tyres are certainly something we have a lot of. 48 million are disposed of each year, nation-wide. This project will divert 393 tyres from landfill and will reuse almost 91,000 glass bottles, which is a significant saving.” Mayor Johnston said.

When used in asphalt and sprayed seals, crumb rubber from old tyres improves the strength and longevity of road surfaces.

Subsidised by Tyre Stewardship Australia, the projects will be delivered at no additional cost to ratepayers.

“Council will continue to pro-actively seek sustainable solutions and work with contractors that help support a more circular economy,” Mayor Johnston said.

Fulton Hogan have been engaged to undertake the work which commenced earlier this month. Work is also underway on incorporating crumb rubber into future projects across Meander Valley’s rural road network.