Kerbside Collection

For residents in Meander Valley who receive a kerbside service, general waste is collected weekly and recycling is collected fortnightly. Residents in Blackstone Heights receive a fortnightly waste and recycling collection service supplemented with a fortnightly food organics and garden organics (FOGO) collection.

Bin Collection

General Waste Bin (Red Lid) - Collected Weekly
Recycling Bin (Yellow Lid) - Collected Fortnightly

Blackstone Heights Only:
General Waste Bin (Red Lid) - Collected Fortnightly
Recycling Bin (Yellow Lid) - Collected Fortnightly
Food Organics & Garden Organics (FOGO) (Green Lid) - Collected Fortnightly

Bins must be set out to the kerb before 6am on your nominated collection day, but not earlier than the evening before. Bins must be spaced one metre away from each other.

2019 Kerbside Collection Calendar

Bin Collection Days

Mondays Blackstone Heights, Prospect Vale (east of Westbury Road), Travellers Rest
TuesdaysProspect Vale (west of Westbury Road)
WednesdaysHadspen, Carrick, Bracknell
ThursdaysWestbury, Hagley, Exton

What can I put in my bins?

General Waste Bin (Red Lid)
General household rubbish, disposable nappies, animal waste (wrapped), cigarette butts, liquid paperboard (aseptic packaging), broken crockery and glass (wrapped), vacuum cleaner dust, plastic bags and all other plastics that are not numbered 1-7.
Recycling Bin (Yellow Lid)
Paper, cardboard, steel and aluminium cans, foil trays, empty pizza boxes, glass food jars and bottles and all plastics with numbers 1, 2, 3 and 5. Items must be deposited loose. Please ensure that containers do not contain food scraps or other liquids.
Food Organics & Garden Organics (FOGO) Bin (Green Lid) - Blackstone Heights Only
Food scraps, vegetable peels, prawn shells, dairy products, meat, bones, weeds, lawn clippings, leaf litter, bark, twigs and small branches and prunings up to 25mm in diameter.

Soft Plastics

Soft plastics such as cling wrap, plastic wraps, shopping bags and silage wrap can be disposed of at the Deloraine, Cluan and Mole Creek Waste Facilities. Most major supermarkets will also accept clean, flexible plastics such as plastic bags, for recycling.

Still unsure?

Recycle Coach is a quick and easy tool to help you sort your rubbish and recyclables. Simply enter your location and you can use the "What Goes Where?" search function so the right items go in the right bin. The Recycle Coach mobile app is free to download and features a calendar reminder so you will never miss a collection day.

Recycle Coach