Driveways & Working in Road Reserves

Road reserves and your driveway

The road reserve is the public land outside your property boundary. It includes any footpaths, kerb and channel. Typically, your driveway spans this land to meet the road and this is referred to as the "Driveway Crossover".

Planning approval and permits for driveways

Council is responsible for ensuring that all new and replacement driveway crossovers meet certain standards. Planning approval may be required before you start construction. If you are unsure, contact Council on 6393 5320 to speak with a Town Planner.

You will also require a permit before you undertake any work in the road reserve. Road Reserve Work Permits are issued free of charge. Permits are valid for six months, however, once work has commenced, it must be completed within three consecutive days or as otherwise agreed with Council.

A permit is required when you:

• Construct a new driveway where there has not been one before
• Make changes to the existing driveway (eg.making it wider or changing its angle)
• Make changes to the kerb (eg. if your car is scraping)
• Undertake certain types of repairs to your driveway.

If you are unsure if you need a permit, contact Council on 6393 5300 before starting work.

All driveway crossover works MUST be completed by a contractor who has the relevant skills, qualifications and insurances and you are required to include the contractor details on your permit application form.

For more information about applying for a permit see the Driveway Crossovers & Road Reserves information sheet.

Application for Permit - Works in the Road Reserve

Need help?

If you are having difficulty designing your driveway crossover, particularly in areas with steep terrain or you need more information, contact Council on 6393 5300.