Public Health Licences & Notifiable Diseases

High risk activities requiring a licence

Activities such as tattooing, ear and body piercing are considered under the Public Health Act 1997, to be Public Health Risk Activities. This is due to the higher risk of infection and disease transmission. To carry out these activities you must be registered for a licence. If you run a business, the licence must be in your name and if the business changes ownership, the new owner must apply for a licence prior to conducting any of these activities. For more information and guidelines visit the Department of Health and Human Services

Public Health Risk Activity Application Form

Places of assembly and specific event licences

A Place of Assembly or Specific Event Licence is required for anyone holding an outdoor event that will have 1000 people or more for a period of two hours or more. If you are planning a public event, you will need to apply for a Place of Assembly or Specific Event Licence.

Place of Assembly and Specific Event Licence Application Form

Event organisers are encouraged to implement the advice contained in Public Health Guidance - COVID-19 safety at events. For more information visit Business Tasmania Coronavirus Information.

If you are planning an event where food will be provided or sold to members of the public, you will need to apply for Registration of a Temporary Food Business.

Registration of a Temporary Food Business Application Form

For more information on food registrations and safe food practices, click here

Notifiable diseases

Notifiable diseases are diseases with a wide public health significance and are identified by the Director of Public Health. Council's Environmental Health Officers work under the advice of the Director of Public Health to investigate possible sources and causes of these diseases and, where possible, carry out appropriate preventative action.

Outbreaks of Measles, Whooping Cough and Meningococcal are examples of notifiable diseases. For more information, fact sheets and a complete list of notifiable diseases visit the Department of Health and Human Services

View a copy of the Public Health Act 1997