Tasmanian Government publishes draft social impact assessment for their Northern Correctional Facility project

Posted on December 07, 2023

Council encourages further consultation on the Tasmanian Government's Northern Correctional Facility project

The Tasmanian Government have today published a draft social impact assessment for public comment, on the proposed Northern Correctional Facility project. While viewing the report for the first time online, Meander Valley Council notes the report identifies that if the Tasmanian Government proceed with their project, improvements to local support services are essential. The Tasmanian Government have acknowledged that there are limited public transport options to the Meander Valley. Road transport improvements are likely to be required to the Bass Highway and Meander Valley Road to accommodate increased traffic to the area, including visitors and freight logistics. The report also identifies that the Northern Correctional Facility may bring forward the need to upgrade the Deloraine ambulance station to a double branch station and better support for the local volunteer fire brigade should also be a priority for the Tasmanian Government.

The report further outlines that it is unlikely that the Northern Correctional Facility would result in significant change to the nature or makeup of the Meander Valley community, although at full operation would have approximately 250-370 full time equivalent (FTE) staff.

“Council is aware that the draft social impact assessment has been made available online, we are seeing this for the first time today. As a Council we are conscious that this report may impact members of our community in different ways. We will continue to listen to the Tasmanian Government and community members opinions on the project.” Meander Valley Mayor Wayne Johnston said.

“The report confirms that opinions in the Meander Valley community about the proposed Northern Correctional Facility are divided and that some neighbouring property owners of current Ashley Youth Detention Centre property are almost unanimously opposed to the project. Council is calling for discussion in the community, both for and against the project, to be conducted in a respectful manner.”

The report suggests the establishment of an independently chaired Community Consultative Committee at the commencement of operations, if the project does proceed, to provide a forum for sharing information, discussing and addressing issues of concern, identifying opportunities to contribute to the Meander Valley community.

“Council encourages the Tasmanian Government to continue to consult with neighbouring property owners, relevant stakeholders and any affected parties in relation to their Northern Correctional Facility project” Mayor Wayne Johnston said.

The Tasmanian Government are inviting submissions on their draft social impact assessment up until 29 February 2024, directly to the Department of Justice via mail northerncorrectionalfacility@justice.tas.gov.au or post.

The draft report and associated information can be accessed at: