Get Ready for FOGO

From July 2022, Hadspen, Traveller's Rest and Prospect Vale residents will join Blackstone Heights in receiving a FOGO collection service.

Colin with FOGO bin and leaves
What is FOGO?

FOGO stands for Food Organics Garden Organics and a FOGO bin allows you to sort your organic food and garden waste from your general waste, including fruit and vegetable scraps, meat and dairy products, bread, eggshells, grass, leaves, garden clippings and more!

Why is FOGO so good?

Approximately half of the waste collected in Meander Valley’s kerbside bins is made up of organic food and garden waste. A further 15 percent is made up of recyclables that were put in the wrong bin. By diverting these products away from landfill we can reduce the environmental and cost impacts of waste management and improve Meander Valley’s sustainability.

When organic material is left to breakdown in landfill, it produces great volumes of greenhouse gas. By sorting organic wastes out of our general waste, we can turn these products into rich compost to improve the structure of soils, increase water retention and soil carbon.

The food and garden organic waste collected from Prospect Vale, Travellers Rest and Hadspen, will reduce the size of our landfill by up to 1,000 tonnes every year.

What happens to my FOGO?

Your FOGO will be taken to a regional composting facility at Mowbray. There, it is checked for contamination before undergoing a combination of static and air-forced composting processes. This ensures the material reaches a high temperature so weeds, seeds and pathogens are killed and the resulting composted product is safe to use on parks and gardens.

How will my waste services change?

In addition to a waste bin (red lid) and a recycling bin (yellow lid), residents of Prospect Vale, Travellers Rest and Hadspen will be provided with a new FOGO bin (green lid) and a kitchen caddy for convenient collection of food scraps.

Your bin collection days will also change. As large portions of general waste is made up of food organics and garden organics, the amount of general waste you generate should significantly reduce so the frequency of your general waste collection will change to a fortnightly service from your first collection day after 4 July 2022. If, after your first few FOGO collections, your general waste bin is not sufficient you can contact us to discuss options to increase your general waste service.

How and when will FOGO be rolled out?

FOGO wheelie bin and kitchen caddy delivery
Residents in will start to receive their new FOGO wheelie bins and kitchen caddies from mid-June with the first collection days commencing the week beginning 4 July 2022. If your new FOGO wheelie bin has not arrived by 30 June please contact Council on 6393 5300.

My bin collection calendar runs out in June, will I be getting a new calendar?
Yes. You will receive a new bin collection calendar in the post before the end of June.

I am new to FOGO. How will I know how to use my new FOGO service?

You will receive a bin information pack with the delivery of your FOGO wheelie bin. Your bin information pack will be placed in your new kitchen caddy which will be attached to the inside of your FOGO wheelie bin. More information, including a link to frequently asked questions can be found below:

FOGO - Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, you can contact us by email to or phone us on 6383 5300.

How do I FOGO?

What if I put the wrong items in my FOGO bin, or I am unsure?

If you accidentally dispose of something that should not go in your FOGO bin, please carefully retrieve it and place it in the correct bin. The contents of your FOGO bin will be turned into composted material and used on parks and gardens. When contamination is placed in your FOGO bin it can spread throughout the organic material, which means it cannot be used and must be sent to landfill.

Unsure? If in doubt please leave it out or contact Council on 6393 5300 to check.