Building & Plumbing Forms

To ensure that the work you intend to undertake complies with the Building Act 2016, there are a number of application forms and certificates that need to be completed before, during and at the completion of your project.

These are in addition to a Planning Permit which may also be required BEFORE you undertake any work. For more information on obtaining a Planning Permit, click here

Forms must be lodged at the Council office. Fees may apply and are payable at time of lodgement.

Building & Plumbing Fees & Charges

To download a form, click on the appropriate link below:

Building, Plumbing & Planning Records

Building, Plumbing & Planning Records Request Form

Low Risk Building or Plumbing Work

FORM 80 Notification of Low Risk Building or Plumbing Work

Demolition Work

FORM 1 Notice of Work - Demolition
FORM 1 Application for Demolition Permit
FORM 76C Application for Extension - Demolition Permit
FORM 1 Application for Certificate of Likely Compliance - Demolition Work
FORM 71C Standard of Work Certificate - Demolition Work

Building Work

FORM 2 Notice of Work - Building
FORM 39 Start Work Notification & Authorisation - Building Work
FORM 2 Application for Building Permit
FORM 76A Application for Extension - Building Permit
FORM 2 Application for Certificate of Likely Compliance - Building Work
FORM 71A Standard of Work Certificate - Building Work
FORM 57 Application for Building Certificate

Plumbing Work

FORM 3 Notice of Work - Plumbing
FORM 60 Start Work Notification & Authorisation - Plumbing Work
FORM 3 Application for Plumbing Permit
FORM 76B Application for Extension - Plumbing Permit
FORM 3 Application for Certificate of Likely Compliance - Plumbing Work
FORM 71B Standard of Work Certificate - Plumbing Work

Heating Appliance Installation

FORM 53 Notification of Intention to Install Heating Appliance
FORM 54 Heating Appliance Installation Compliance Certificate