Rate Remissions & Rates Information

Pensioner remissions, installments, levies, payment arrangements and rate calculations

Council's financial year commences on 1 July 2019 and ends on 30 June 2020. Rates notices are mailed at the end of July each year and are payable by four installments:

• 30 August 2019
• 31 October 2019
• 31 January 2020
• 31 March 2020

Council offers a number of convenient payment options. Click here to make a rates payment

Pensioner Rate Remissions

The Pensioner Rates Remission Scheme provides a remission for council rates. To be eligible to receive a remission, you must, as at 1 July each year:

1. Be the owner/occupier of the property for which you are claiming a remission

2. Have one of the following valid cards:
• Pensioner Concession Card (PCC)
• Health Care Card (HCC) - Seniors Health Care Cards do not qualify
• Department of Veteran Affairs "Gold Card" (must be endorsed War Widow or TPI)

Applications for Pensioner Rate Remissions must be received by 31 March to receive the remission that financial year.
(eg. applications for the 2019/2020 financial year must be received no later than 31 March 2019). Retrospective applications can be submitted, however conditions apply. For more information on retrospective applications phone Council on 6393 5300.

Pensioner Rate Remission Application Form

Late payments and payment arrangements

Rate payments or installments that are not received on or before the due date accrue an interest charge of 8.10% per annum, applied at a daily rate of 2.21c per $100, per day. This is payable on outstanding rates or installments for the period they remain unpaid.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact the Rates Manager on 6393 5300 to make alternative payment arrangements. Interest charges will still apply to late payments or installments.

Rates Information

Rates are calculated on each property's Assessed Annual Value, which is determined by the State Government's Office of the Valuer General. New valuations occur every six years.

General Rate
Revenue from the General rate is used to fund a range of services such as maintenance and construction of roads and bridges, animal control, building and planning services and community facilities.

Waste Management Charges
All properties in Meander Valley pay a waste management fixed service charge. The fixed service charge funds the operations and management of the municipality's three waste transfer stations.

Kerbside Bin Collection
Residents who receive a kerbside bin collection service are charged annually. The kerbside bin collection fee is payable in addition to the waste management fixed service charge.The kerbside bin collection charge and the waste management fixed service charge are added together and appear as a single fee on your rates notice.

Fire Service Rates
Fire Service Rates are collected on behalf of the State Fire Commission, which is the peak governing body for the Tasmania Fire Service.

Need more information?

Council's Valuations, Rates and Charges brochure is reviewed annually and contains information about the calculation of rates, remissions and methods of payment.

Meander Valley Council Valuations, Rates and Charges 2019 - 2020