Meander Valley Art Award, Online Gallery 2023

Missed the exhibition? See all the entries in our online gallery!

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Themed Presence, the 2023 Meander Valley Art Award was held in Westbury on Friday October 27 2023.

The exhibition was open from Friday 27 Oct - Friday 10 November 2023.

The Art Award has been running since 2007 with the support from Meander Valley Council, the Award is largely managed by volunteers from Arts Deloraine and the Launceston Art Society. This year, the Award could not have been delivered without the generosity of our sponsors.

Thank you for supporting the development of the arts in Meander Valley!

Online Gallery

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Thank you to all our sponsors

Great Western Tiers Distillery

Meander Valley Council

Just Waste

Art as Mania

Meander Valley Gazette

Extractas Bioscience

Westbury Gingerbread Cottages

Presence – Meander Valley Art Award 2023 Award Winners

Meander Valley Art Award $3,000

Winner: Brad Quinn, 'Hagley Garage',

Oil on panel

Sponsored by Meander Valley Council for a work in any medium that the judges consider best reflects the Presence theme.

Highly Commended: John Doyle, 'A Natural Presence',


Commended: Pauline Winwood, 'In Quamby's Presence',


Meander Digital Art Award sponsored by Western Tiers Distillery $1,000:

Winner: Joy Kachina, 'Keeper of Culture', Kooparoona Niara,

Digital print

Upcycled Art Award sponsored by Just Waste $1,000

Winner: Ron Johnson, 'Bird Over Quamby Bluff',


Essence of the Valley $500

Winner: Gerry Jensen, 'A Moment',


Encouragement Award $300

Winner: Garry Billing, 'Dayspring Meandering',

Acrylic on canvas board