Meander Valley Planning Scheme

What is the Planning Scheme?

The Planning Scheme is a set of regulations that guide the use and development of land.

Most property development is assessed under the Planning Scheme. Some works of a minor nature are exempt from assessment.

Council has recently transitioned to the Tasmanian Planning Scheme. For more details and to access the new scheme online, click here

To view a PDF version of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme - Meander Valley - 19 April 2021, click here

Use Discover Meander Valley to find out more about a property

Discover Meander Valley is Council's local mapping software. You can view planning maps, current development applications and perform a property search.

Click on the link below and select the "Development" button. Click on the map or enter the address of a property to perform a search and generate a report that can be downloaded and/or printed. If you have a question about a particular property, you can email Council's Development Services Department directly by clicking on the Property Enquiry button.

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