Your Council, Your Representatives

Meander Valley Council consists of nine Councillors, including the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor. The entire municipality votes to elect Councillors, the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor for a term of four years. The role of the Mayor and Councillors is to represent the community. Councillors undertake a range of duties not limited to; providing leadership, informing policy and making decisions on behalf of the community that comply with legislation. Elected members work closely with Council's management team on a range of plans and strategies that guide the delivery of projects and services across the municipality.

As representatives of the Meander Valley community, Councillors are available to listen to residents and discuss local issues and achievements.

Committee Representation

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillors and senior staff share responsibility for representing Council on various internal and external committees and organisations.

Click here to view a current list of current appointments.

Wayne Johnston

Mayor Wayne Johnston
0417 316 208

Stephanie Cameron

Deputy Mayor Stephanie Cameron
0419 894 383

Michael Kelly

Councillor Michael Kelly
0408 137 604

Kevin House

Councillor Kevin House
0417 897 535

Anne Marie Loader

Councillor Anne-Marie Loader
0407 145 243

Rodney Synfield

Councillor Rodney Synfield
0447 902 200

Cr John Temple

Councillor John Temple
0418 131 262

Councillor Ben Dudman

Councillor Ben Dudman
0447 935 137

Councillor Daniel Smedley

Councillor Daniel Smedley
0418 114 414

Councillor Code of Conduct

Councillors must adhere to the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is a statement of the standard of behaviour that Councillors have agreed should be demonstrated, and which the community can expect to be demonstrated, when Councillors are carrying out their roles and functions. For a copy of Meander Valley's Councillor Code of Conduct, click on the link below:

Meander Valley Councillor's Code of Conduct

Councillor Code of Conduct Complaints

Any person can make a complaint under a Council's Code of Conduct. If you wish to make a complaint, you must complete a Local Government Code of Conduct Complaint Form and lodge this form with a statutory declaration and a prescribed fee. Complaints must be lodged with Council's general manager within six months of the alleged contravention.

For more information and to download a complaint form, visit the Department of Premier and Cabinet's website.

Gifts and donations register

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1993, Council keeps an updated register of gifts and donations received by councillors. Councillors are required to give notice in writing within 14 days of receiving a gift or donation.

There are currently no gifts or donations registered.