Community Halls

From historic charm to modern amenities, our community halls provide a unique backdrop for your special occasion or event.

Mole Creek Memorial Hall 1

Discover the charm of Meander Valley Council's community halls, each steeped in history and available for hire.

Our halls are managed by dedicated community committees and provide ideal spaces for various occasions including functions, events, meetings, and community gatherings.

Explore our diverse selection of community halls below and learn about their unique features and how to book these historic venues.

To inquire about availability and make bookings, please contact the respective Community Hall committee or reach out to Meander Valley Council directly at 6393 5300, or via email at For a versatile range of venue options suitable for any occasion, call for our advice.

Birralee Memorial Hall

1355 Birralee Road, Birralee

Bracknell War Memorial Hall

29 Louisa Street (Cnr Louisa St & Amelia St), Bracknell

Carrick Hall

29 Meander Valley Road, Carrick

Caveside Memorial Hall

762 Caveside Road, Caveside

Chudleigh Memorial Hall

54 Sorell Street, Chudleigh

Dairy Plains Memorial Hall

283 Dairy Plains Road, Dairy Plains

Meander Memorial Hall

148 Main Road, Meander

Mole Creek Memorial Hall

2 Caveside Road, Mole Creek

Rosevale Memorial Hall

1385 Bridgenorth Road, Rosevale

Selbourne Memorial Hall

954 Shelbourne Road, Shelbourne

Weegena Hall

889 Weegena Road, Weegena

Westbury Town Hall

26 Lyall Street, Westbury