Council to rethink dog management

Posted on July 13, 2022

Council commits to further consultation on Dog Management Policy

Results of the community consultation on Meander Valley Council's Draft Dog Management Policy have been collated, with additional consultation likely. Council asked the community for feedback on a range of proposed changes to dog management, of particular interest were people's views about the proposed locations of off-lead dog exercise areas and management of the Westbury Town Common.

"Community feedback shows we need to give further consideration to Council’s future plans with many views and options presented. We appreciate how important dogs are to people. The feedback suggests more work is needed to strike the right balance for dog owners, considering the use of public space, local amenity and the protection of environmental values. We will take time to reconsider these views and where needed, we will find alternative solutions.” Mayor Wayne Johnston said.

Given the feedback received, aspects of the dog management policy and the location of off-lead areas will be re-examined.

Councillors will give consideration to the responses and proposed changes in an upcoming workshop. From there, Council will again provide people in the community with an opportunity to have their say with this likely to occur in late August.