Sheds, Decks, Fencing, Pergolas, Playground Equipment & Other Low Risk Building Work

Depending on the size and scope of the work, many of these structures are classed as Category 1 - Low Risk Building Work. This means that you may not require Building Approval, however, depending on the project, you may still require a Planning Permit or Plumbing Approval. Council has developed a number of checklists relating to Category 1 - Low Risk Building Work to help guide you.

Sheds, garages and carports

To download a garage, shed or carport checklist, click on the relevant link below:

Small Garages, Sheds & Carports Checklist (maximum size of 18sqm)
Large Garages, Sheds & Carports Checklist (maximum size of 36sqm)
Farm Sheds Checklist (maximum size of 200sqm)

Fences and walls

Boundary fences between neighbouring properties are the owners responsibility to erect and repair. Boundary fences are governed by the Boundary Fences Act 1908 and the Boundary Fences Regulations 2008.

These regulations stipulate who is responsible for the costs associated with boundary fences, how and when you should notify your neighbour that you intend to undertake work and what to do if you cannot agree. Council is unable to become involved in neighbour disputes. For more information about boundary fences and resolving disputes visit

Fences or Walls Checklist
Retaining Walls Checklist

Fences adjoining Council owned land
Contributions by Council to the costs of boundary fencing is governed by the Boundary Fences Act

Council will share the cost of fencing between privately owned land and Council owned land in areas of intensified Council operations such as Council offices or depots. Council may also share the cost of fencing when:

• a property adjoins a Council owned house or building;
• Council instigated higher impact or intensified development close to an adjoining landowner without a sufficient buffer;
• the fencing is between privately owned land and a commercial or security area such as a Council depot or a commercial car park.

Additionally, Meander Valley Council has adopted a policy regarding fencing and Council owned land which conforms with the Boundary Fences Act.

Policy 14 Fencing - Council Owned Land

For more information about fencing property that adjoins Council owned land, please phone Council on 6393 5300.

Pool fences

If your swimming pool or spa holds a depth of water that is 300mm or more or, it was installed from the year 1994 onwards, you must install a pool fence. This applies to pools that are in-ground, above ground, inflatable, relocatable, wading pools, spas, hot tubs - even if they are located indoors.

Pool Fencing Information

Decks, pergolas, arches and trellis

Low Deck Checklist
Pergola, Arch, Trellis Checklist

Porches and verandahs

Small Porch or Verandah Checklist (maximum size 9sqm)
Large Porch or Verandah Checklist (maximum size 18sqm)

Gazebos, barbecue shelters and pavillions

Gazebos, Barbecue Shelters and Pavillions Checklist

Cubby houses and playground equipment

Cubby Houses and Playground Equipment Checklist