Better FOGO processing prompts new caddy rollout for Blackstone Heights

Posted on February 21, 2022

A new direction in waste processing to result in greater outcomes for Meander Valley's FOGO waste.

Residents of Blackstone Heights will be receiving new FOGO kitchen caddies next month to ensure higher quality FOGO processing.

The replacement of the caddies coincides with the re-direction of Meander Valley’s FOGO to a new composting facility in Mowbray.

“The processing facility in Mowbray produces a high-level composted product and operates at national standard. However, this has meant that residents will need to be provided with new kitchen caddies,” Mayor Wayne Johnston said.

The existing caddies have a basket-style design with openings for aeration, which require the use of liners.

“It’s the liners that pose a problem for the processing plant. It is impossible to be certain about what’s inside them, and there are so many varieties that even if a resident has done a great job recycling, there is no way of telling if a bag is fully compostable or not,” Mayor Johnston said.

The new caddies are constructed from solid, 100 per cent post-consumer recycled materials and do not require a liner. Residents who would like to line their caddy can use paper towel or newspaper, which can be swapped out regularly.

Blackstone Heights is the only area within the Meander Valley municipality that currently receives a FOGO collection; however, Council plans to expand the service.

“The rollout of additional FOGO services, particularly in the more densely populated areas, is being considered as part of the Council’s new waste management strategy. Contracts are currently under negotiation, and we expect to be able to announce an update on that within the next couple of months,” Mayor Wayne Johnston said.

Residents of Blackstone Heights will start to receive their new FOGO caddies from 28 February, with the rollout expected to take two weeks.

“We appreciate the understanding of residents as we make this change. Waste and recycling management is a challenging space that has gone through significant transformation in recent years, and we’re excited to be moving forward with more sustainable waste management solutions for our communities,” Mayor Johnston said.

Residents who have not received their new caddy by 15 March should call Council on 6393 5300 or email