Financial Hardship Assistance

Rates relief options during times of financial hardship

Council recognises that some ratepayers may be experiencing serious financial hardship, particularly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to provide assistance, Council has adopted a Financial Hardship Assistance Policy.

Under this policy, Council can provide relief from rates payments to those suffering genuine and serious financial hardship.

Eligible applicants can:
• Enter into a rates payment plan
• Have rates payments postponed (deferred) to a future date
• Have outstanding rates payments exempt from interest charges
• Request a partial or full rates waiver (remission) (only when an application for postponement of rates payments has previously been approved - refer to paragraph 4.8 of the Financial Hardship Assistance Policy)

Applications are assessed in accordance with the criteria outlined in the Financial Hardship Assistance Policy

How to apply for Financial Hardship Assistance

Apply online
Use the form below to submit your application and electronically upload any supporting documents

By email
Click here to download a printable form. Scan completed form and copies of any supporting documents and email to

By mail
Click here to download a printable form. Mail the completed form and copies of any supporting documents to:
Attn: General Manager, PO Box 102, Westbury Tasmania 7303

Unable to print documents at home?
Please phone Council on 6393 5300 and arrangements can be made to have an application form mailed to you or available for collection at the Council office.

Need help applying?
If you require assistance or have questions about your application, please contact Council by phone on 6393 5300.

Financial Hardship Assistance Online Application Form

Your Details

If the property (business or residential) is owned by more than one person, please list all owners (first name and last name) who wish to apply for financial hardship assistance.

Property Details

Applications are not accepted for investment properties. The property must be your primary residence or, in the case of business owners, the primary operating premises.

What type of rates relief do you wish to apply for?

Rates Relief
Reasons for experiencing financial hardship (select all that apply):

Supporting Documentation

Council and its officers reserve the right to request further information in order to assess financial hardship. For more information about how hardship is assessed, refer to paragraph 4.2 of the Financial Hardship Assistance Policy. Please provide as much documentation as possible to support your application:

Details of Weekly Income

Details of Pension or Government Benefits

Details of Weekly Expenditure

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