Immunisation Programs & Records

Immunisation Programs

Council conducts annual Immunisation Programs against preventable diseases for school children in accordance with the National Immunisation Program Schedule. Immunisations include:

• Diphtheria
• Tetanus
• Whooping Cough
• Human Papilloma Virus

For more information about the Department of Health and Human Services Immunisation Programs, click here

Immunisation Records

Council maintains accurate records of immunisations conducted through the Immunisation Program. Records include programs conducted at:

• Bracknell Primary School
• Deloraine Primary and High Schools
• Hagley Farm School
• Meander Primary School
• Mole Creek Primary School
• Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School
• Westbury Primary School

Records for St Patrick's College, Prospect High School and Summerdale Primary School are held at City of Launceston Council

Council also holds records for Immunisation Programs run through public clinics prior to 2002/2003.

To request an Immunisation Record for yourself or your child, complete the form below and click "submit". If you require more information phone Council on 6393 5300

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