Council anticipates State Government’s community consultation over former Ashley site

Posted on December 09, 2021

Council welcomes State Government's intention to consult local residents regarding Northern Regional Prison Project in line with community expectations.

Council has continued to represent the community’s clear expectations for consultation over a proposed northern prison; including the option of using the Ashley Youth Detention Centre site when it eventually closes.

“Council wrote to the Minister last week, outlining the importance of keeping Meander Valley residents informed and, we also provided a summary of areas of interest that the community would like to be specifically consulted about,” Mayor Wayne Johnston said.

Today’s announcement by the State Government demonstrates an intention to consult with the community about the Ashley site before any final decision is made. Council understands this does not mean that a decision between the Ashley or Birralee sites has been reached.

“It is encouraging that the State Government is pursuing community consultation well in advance of any decision and we will be representing and supporting the community to ensure they can access all the consultation avenues available to them,” Mayor Johnston said.

Information received from Council’s public meeting about the project held earlier this year highlighted the community’s expectations that the State Government will have a presence in the community to achieve an appropriate level of engagement.

“We are happy the Government seems to have listened and look forward to receiving more details about the project and supporting all residents to have their say about the proposal,” Mayor Johnston said.