Poultry & Livestock

Keeping poultry and livestock

If you wish to keep poultry or livestock, consideration must be given to the following:

• Is your property large enough to cater for the animal?
• Are your fences adequate in order to contain the animal?
• Can you provide shelter and feed particular to the species?
• Can you provide a lifelong home for the animal?

Keeping poultry and livestock in suburban and urban areas can become problematic and cause a nuisance to your neighbours, particularly with respect to noise and smell.

For further information on the keeping of livestock or to report a welfare issue contact the RSPCA

Straying livestock and reporting a nuisance

If animals are causing a nuisance (eg. excessive noise or smell) contact Council on 6393 5300 and ask to speak to one of our Environmental Health Officers.

Straying livestock poses a significant risk to pedestrians and other road users. In the event of straying livestock on public roads or on Council land phone 6393 5300

Animal welfare and reporting cruelty

There are a number of ways that anyone with concerns about the welfare of an animal can report it confidentially. You can call the National Animal Cruelty Hotline on 1300 139 947. Details taken are passed on to the Tasmanian RSPCA for investigation.

Alternatively, you can send an email to: reportit@rspcatas.org.au or you can report it online. Your details will remain strictly confidential.

Report animal cruelty and animal welfare issues online