Requests for Tenders & Quotations

Council regularly requests tenders for a wide range of projects. Contractors, consultants, suppliers or individuals submitting a response to a Request for Tender must follow the guidelines outlined in the Request for Tender documentation.

Submissions may be emailed or posted. Hard copy submissions must be addressed to the Meander Valley Council Tender Box and delivered in a sealed envelope with the number and the title of the tender clearly marked. Submissions must be received prior to the advertised Tender closing date.

Council's tendering and procurement practices are guided by legislation outlined in the Code for Tenders and Contracts

Current Requests for Tenders are listed below and are advertised in local newspapers.

Annual Supply Contracts

Tenders and quotations are invited from suitably experienced contractors for the supply of goods and services to Meander Valley Council during the 2020/21 financial year:

• RFT NO. 223-2020/21
Asphalting and bituminous sealing of roads, which includes asphalt overlays, reseals and two-coat seals.

• RFQ NO. 224-2020/21
Gravel supply.

• RFQ NO. 225-2020/21
Construction of kerb and channel.

Documents will be available from Monday 3 August 2020.

Tenders and quotations close at 2pm on Monday 24 August 2020 and are to be delivered in a sealed envelope marked:
“Annual Supply Contracts - 2020/21" to the Tenders Box, Meander Valley Council , 26 Lyall Street, Westbury, 7303 or submitted via email to

Neither the lowest nor any tender will necessarily be accepted.

Request for Tender documentation and all enquiries should be directed to the Contact Officer, Lauren Houston at