Right to Information & Privacy

Right to information

Meander Valley Council is committed to making information available to the public through proactive disclosure. This assists the public in understanding what Council does and how Council does it.

You can source information directly from Council or from other organisations.

Direct from Council:
• Council's website
• Annual reports
• Publications
• Phone - 6393 5300
• Email - mail@mvc.tas.gov.au

Other organisations:
Service Tasmania
Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office

Can't find the information you are looking for?

Contact Council on 6393 5300 or mail@mvc.tas.gov.au and let us know what information you are looking for.

Staff will provide you with information wherever possible by request, or provide advice to you about the timing, location and availability of routinely disclosed information from Council and related agencies.

As a last resort, customers have the right to submit a formal request for information under the Right to Information Act 2009 using the form below:

Application Form for Assessed Disclosure (Right to Information request)

Note: formal assessment procedures required under the Act can slow our response times. Customers are encouraged to contact Council's Customer Service team in the first instance to request the information you need. There is no form or charge involved with a standard customer service request of this nature.

For more information about the Right to Information process visit the Ombudsman Tasmania


Meander Valley Council is committed to protecting your privacy as required under the Personal Information Protection Act 2004.

Your information may be used for purposes permitted by various state and federal legislation and, if necessary, this may include disclosure to public sector bodies, agents or contractors of Meander Valley Council in accordance with Council's Personal Information Protection Policy.