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Planning your Building or Renovation

Do You Need A Permit?

Building permits are required for:

  • all building work including new buildings, additions, internal and external alterations and fire damage repairs.
  • any boundary fence over 1.2m high and constructed of brick, block or concrete and any other fence over 2.1m
  • all pools, including spas, wading and paddling pools over 300mm deep are subject to approval and must be fenced.

Under the Building Regulations, certain building work may be exempt from requiring a Building Permit, please contact the Building Department on 6393 5320 for further information.

Plumbing permits are required for all plumbing and drainage work including installation repair and replacement.

The First Step

Before proceeding with your building application always check with our Planning Department on 6393 5320 to check if you need to apply for a planning permit.

The Second Step

Consult with our Building Department on 6393 5320 to check on what other permits are required.

The Application Process

Application Forms are to be completed and submitted with the application, These are avaiable for download above. Please contact Council on (03) 6393 5320 if you would like a copy posted to you.

When submitting your application, please make an appointment with our Development Services Customer Service Officer on 6393 5320. Applicable Fees are required to be paid on submission. Quotations are avaibale be phoning Council on (03) 6393 5320.

Other Requirements

Plans are to be prepared by an accredited Building Designer/Architect.

For all new dwellings, larger extensions or 2nd storey additions, obtain a soil test on the building site, this is to be provided by a Geotechnical Engineer and will determine the footing/slab system design.

If necessary, obtain a special plumbing permit. Required for such things as septic tanks, package treatment plants, dairy effluent and swimming pools.

For further information contact the Environmental Health Officer on 6393 5339.

Building Standards for safety, health and amenity in your living environment

Tempered Water

All new hot water installations must supply water at the hand basins, baths, bidets and showers no hotter than 50?C. During the installation your plumber can install a tempering valve which controls the temperature.

Back Flow Prevention

Back flow occurs when water pressure falls and the flow of contaminants is reversed into the water supply. You must fit back flow prevention to all exterior garden taps by way of vacuum breakers.

Energy Efficient Design

Consider the orientation of your home and design to make the best use of the solar energy. Build in insulation for long term savings and comfort.

Fuel Burning Heaters

Council does not make inspections of wood, oil, or coal burning heater installations but notification of their installation is required. Notification is the responsibility of the installer. Only heaters that comply with the Australian Standard for wood heaters can be installed.

Smoke Alarms

Self contained 240V hard-wired smoke alarms are now required in all new or altered residential buildings.

Building Over Council Stormwater Mains

Council's engineer only permits construction over Council mains in exceptional circumstances. Ask prior to the submission of your application.

Final Checklist

  • Have you checked to see whether you need planning approval?
  • Have your building and plumbing application forms been completed in full and signed by the applicant?
  • Have you supplied a full copy of the Certificate of Title?
  • Are your plans drawn by an accredited Building Designer/Architect and accompanied by a Certificate of the Responsible Designer (Form 35A & B) and Engineers Certificate if required?
  • Building Fees and the State Training Levy are worked out at time of submission and must be paid when submitting the application. (Click here to go to the current fees and charges web page)
  • If you require assistance calculating Council Fees, please contact Development Services on 6393 5320.

Other Information


We carry out periodic inspections during construction to ensure that building work complies with the Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia. These inspections are advised on the building permit when it is issued.

For inspections we require 48 hours notice of an inspection. Phone 6393 5320.

Certificate of Occupancy

When you occupy a new building or re-occupy an existing building you must have a valid Certificate of Occupancy that states that the building has been inspected and is suitable for the intended use. You will need to contact us on 6393 5320 to arrange for an inspection. An Application for Occupancy Permit form is to be completed prior to the inspection being carried out.

Certificate of Completion

All building work when finished, must receive a Certificate of Completion. Failure to get a Certificate of Completion may impact on any future sale of the property.


The owner is responsible for identifying property boundaries including easements. The builder is responsible for the workmanship of the job and the materials, even though Council may inspect the work. Where the owner is the builder the owner is responsible.

Illegal Work

If you carry out work without a permit, an illegal building notice will be issued which will either lead to demolition or a Permit of Substantial Compliance,increased fees and the possibility of Infringement Notice being issued. This also encumbers the property, which means any future potential purchasers will be advised that the work was done without a permit.


If you have any further questions please contact Development Services on 6393 5320.

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