Meander Valley Voices Survey

Join us in shaping the next 10 years of Meander Valley! Share your voice and stories as we develop our Community Strategic Plan.

Now is the time to contribute your voice and narratives as we chart the course for the next decade of Meander Valley!

We invite you to participate in shaping the Meander Valley's future through the survey below, designed to capture your ideas, opinions, and experiences.

Your input will contribute to a broader community conversation as part of our Meander Valley Voices Community Consultation project and ensure your perspective is included in this foundational and important Council project.

What is the Meander Valley Voices project?

Our Meander Valley Voices project encompasses two main outcomes or objectives: the development of the Community Strategic Plan and the establishment of a Meander Valley 'Place Brand' in collaboration with our friends at For The People agency.

Our overarching goal across both initiatives is to understand our community identity, our values, our strengths, our priorities, our vision for the future and what we need to do to get there.

As a valued resident and member of our diverse community, your voice matters when it comes to our future.

Any information you provide here will remain confidential unless you give permission.

Thank you for taking the time to add your voice and opinion!

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Our Place – the next ten years.

Our People – the next ten years.

Our Future – the next ten years.

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