Food for Community Groups & Charities

Fundraising with food

If you are organising a fundraising event that involves the sale of food, you are required to follow the same regulations that would apply to a food business. Any activity that involves the handling of food for sale or the sale of food must comply with the Food Safety Standards and registration from Council must be obtained. For more information on registration, click here

Food Safety Standards for Charities and Community Groups

If you are unsure, phone Council on 6393 5300 and ask to speak with an Environmental Health Officer.

Food labelling

Ingredients lists, best before and use by dates enable consumers to make informed choices, particularly if the item contains ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. Charities and community organisations are not required by law to label food, however, if someone asks whether a food contains a particular ingredient that may cause an allergic reaction, you must be able to provide this information.

For an information sheet and instructions on how to label food correctly, see the Helpful Documents sidebar to the left at the bottom of this page.