Food Businesses

Food businesses must maintain their premises and all equipment in a clean and sanitary condition. Council's Environmental Health Officers routinely inspect, monitor and regulate premises where food is prepared and sold.

This includes commercial kitchens, food stalls and mobile food vehicles at public events.

For information relating to the preparation and sale of food for community groups and charitable organisations, click here

Food businesses must be registered

The Food Act 2003 requires that all businesses intending to handle or sell any type of food to be registered. This includes home-based businesses and charitable organisations that sell food for fundraising. Registration must be renewed annually. If you are intending to start a new food business, please complete the Food Business Registration Application below and submit to Council.

Food Business Registration Application / Renewal Form

Food sold at events

If you are planning an event where food will be provided or sold to members of the public, you will need to apply for Registration of a Temporary Food Business.

Temporary Food Business Registration Application Form

Mobile food businesses

Mobile food businesses such as those which operate from a van or marquee are also required to be registered. You can choose Temporary Registration for a recurring event, such as a market stall, or you can apply for Statewide Registration if you intend to operate outside the Meander Valley municipal area.

Temporary Food Business Registration Application Form
Statewide Mobile Food Business Application Form
Guidelines for Mobile Food Businesses

In addition to registration, if you intend to operate your mobile food business in the Meander Valley municipal area from a public street or property owned or managed by Council, you are required to obtain a Vendor's Permit.

Vendors Permit Application Form
Guidelines for Operating a Mobile Food Business in Meander Valley

Operating on a road reserve or footpath

If you wish to offer on-street dining options, then you will need to apply for Council approval to use a portion of the footpath or road reserve. To download the policy guidelines or an application form, click on the links below:

Approval to Occupy the Road Reserve - Policy Guidelines
Road Occupation Licence Application / Renewal Form

Food Businesses - planning, design and construction

Approvals for new food premises or alterations to existing food premises may require:

• Planning Permission
• Building Approval
• Plumbing Approval
• Health Approvals

Before you embark on a new business venture, contact one of Council's Town Planners on 6393 5300 to discuss your proposal. Starting a new business can be costly if you do not obtain the relevant approvals.

For general information on design and construction requirements and the steps you are required to undertake before operating a food business, see the Helpful Documents sidebar to the left at the bottom of this page.

Temperature control, cleaning and sanitising

Implementing regular cleaning schedules and undertaking steps to ensure food remains at the correct temperature minimises bacteria growth and the spread of food poisoning. For more information and to download helpful templates click here

Food labelling requirements

Food labels ensure consumers can make informed choices. Food for retail sale must be labelled in accordance with the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code.

For an overview of labelling requirements, see the Helpful Documents sidebar to the left at the bottom of this page. For more information and to access food labelling calculators, click on the links below.

Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code
Nutritional Panel Calculator

Country of Origin Online Labelling Tool