Apply to register a new dog

New Lifetime Dog Registration Tags

Council now offers lifetime dog registration tags.

A metal tag will replace your dog’s plastic tag and just like your pet, the new metal tag is for life!

Metal tags are convenient and save thousands of plastic tags being discarded annually. You will still renew your dog’s registration annually as normal, however you will no longer be issued a plastic tag every year.

If your lifetime metal tag is lost or damaged, replacement tags will be available from Council for $10.

Under the Dog Control Act 2000, Section 9(2(a)), all dogs over the age of six (6) months are required to be registered and microchipped.
Council offers discounts for early payment, desexed dogs and for some special registrations.

General Registrations (effective 1 July 2022)
Entire (non-desexed) DogsFee: $70.00 ($52.00 if paid on or before 31 July 2022)
Concession Card Holder Discounted Fee: $24.00
($15.00 if paid on or before 31 July 2022)
Desexed DogsFee: $24.00 ($15.00 if paid on or before 31 July 2022)

Special Registrations (effective 1 July 2022)
Purebred Breeding DogsFee: $24.00 ($15.00 if paid on or before 31 July 2022)
Registered Racing GreyhoundsFee: $24.00 ($15.00 if paid on or before 31 July 2022)
Working Dogs (non-desexed)Fee: $24.00 ($15.00 if paid on or before 31 July 2022)
Declared Dangerous Dogs - GuardFee: $70.00 ($52.00 if paid on or before 31 July 2022)
Declared Dangerous Dogs, Restricted Breeds and Dogs Subject to Control OrdersFee: $610.00
Guide, Hearing, Assistance and Companion DogsFree

Registering a new dog

If you own a dog that is over the age of six months, it is required to be registered and microchipped. For first time registrations you will need to lodge an application form.

Apply online
Use the form below to apply for a new dog registration online.

By email
Click here to download a printable form. Scan completed form and copies of any supporting documents and email to

By post
Click here to download a printable form. Mail the completed form and copies of any supporting documents to:
PO Box 102, Westbury Tasmania 7303

Unable to print documents at home?
Please phone Council on 6393 5300 and arrangements can be made to have an application form mailed to you or available for collection at the Council office.

Need help applying?
If you require assistance or have questions about the type of registration that applies to your dog, please contact Council on 6393 5300

Application for Dog Registration

Owner Details

Dog Details


Under legislation, Council is unable to register a dog that does not have a microchip number. Working dogs are exempt from this requirement. If you are applying to register a working dog, please type "working dog" in the field below:

Is the dog desexed? *

Dangerous dogs, restricted breeds and dogs subject to control orders

Restricted breeds include: Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa, Perro de Presa Canario, American Pit Bull Terrier and Pit Bull Terrier. If your dog is declared dangerous, is subject to control orders or is a restricted breed you must notify Council. Please contact Council on 6393 5300 for more information.

Concession Card Holders

Concession card holders are eligible for a discount for one non-desexed dog only. To apply you must hold a valid:

  • Pensioner Concession Card (PCC)
  • Health Care Card (HCC) (Seniors Health care cards do not qualify)
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs "Gold Card" (must be endorsed War Widow or TPI)

Reciprocal Registration

If you have recently moved to Meander Valley from another municipality in Tasmania and the dog has a current registration, Council will recognise that registration for the current financial year.

By providing the above details, you consent to Meander Valley Council contacting the above Council to confirm registration currency.

If you are applying for a special registration, please also complete the relevant field/s below:

To be eligible for a concession you may be required to arrange a time with Council to demonstrate the dog working stock. Alternatively you can provide Council with your Australian Business Number (ABN) relating to your farming business:

If you have four (4) or more working dogs, you will need to contact Council to apply for a Kennel License.

To be eligible for the discounted fee, you must advise Council’s General Manager in writing that the dog is a guard dog used for the security of non-residential premises and notify Council of the address of those premises. Please contact Council on 6393 5300.

By submitting this form:

Personal Information Protection Statement

The personal information that Council collects from you is deemed personal information for the purposes of the Personal Information Protection Act 2004. The intended recipients of personal information collected by Meander Valley Council may be:

  • Officers within Meander Valley Council
  • Data service providers engaged by Council from time to time

The supply of the information by you is voluntary. If you cannot provide or do not wish to provide the information sought, Meander Valley Council may be unable to process your application or request. Council is collecting this personal information from you for the purposes of managing, assessing, advising upon and determining the relevant application. You may make an application to access or to amend your personal information held by Council. Please direct any enquiries regarding your personal information in writing to: General Manager, Meander Valley Council, PO Box 102, Westbury, TAS 7303.