Apply for a concession or discount

Discounted fees apply for desexed dogs, concession card holders and some special registrations

Owner Details

If your dog is already registered with Meander Valley Council but things have changed, you my be eligible for a discounted fee.

Complete the form below if:

  • Your dog has recently been desexed
  • You have become a concession card holder
  • Your non-desexed dog is now a working dog
  • Your dog is now used for breeding purposes and you have recently become a member of the Tasmanian Canine Association
  • Your dog has recently been registered with the Tasmanian Greyhound Racing Board

Dog Details

If you cannot provide a copy of the dog's sterilisation certificate you must provide the contact details of your veterinarian below:

By providing these details, you consent to Meander Valley Council contacting your veterinarian to confirm the dog is desexed.

Concession card holders are eligible for a discount for one non-desexed dog only. To apply you must hold a valid:

  • Pensioner Concession Card (PCC)
  • Health Care Card (HCC) (Seniors Health Care Cards do not qualify)
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs "Gold Card" (must be endorsed War Widow or TPI)

By submitting this form:

The personal information that Council collects from you is deemed personal information for the purposes of the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 and is managed in accordance with Meander Valley Council’s Personal Information Protection Policy (Policy Number 67). Council will only collect, use and disclose personal information as required to perform its functions and activities, and as permitted or required by law, this includes (but is not limited to) disclosure for the purpose of law enforcement and in response to a serious threat to an individual's life, health, safety or welfare; or public health or public safety. Where necessary, additional personal information may be requested or required to support Council’s commitment to providing an effective service to its customer and stakeholders or to deliver a specific type of service. You may also make an application to access or to amend your personal information held by Council. If you wish to raise a concern or a complaint about the collection, handling or management of your personal information, Council’s Customer Service Charter is published on Council website and is available for inspection at Council’s customer service office. Please direct any enquiries regarding your personal information in writing to: General Manager, Meander Valley Council, PO Box 102, Westbury, TAS 7303. Complaints can also be lodged externally with the Tasmanian Ombudsman.