Wood Smoke & Air Quality

Wood Heaters

Smoke from a poorly operated wood heater can impact your health and the health of your neighbours.

Inhaling the fine particles contained in wood smoke can cause heart and respiratory issues. Children, the elderly and people with health conditions are particularly vulnerable to wood smoke.

You can reduce smoke by as much as 80% by following a few simple steps:

• Only use well seasoned, dry firewood
• Always burn with a bright flame
• Burn the fire on high for 20 minutes after adding wood
• Always keep the air vents open enough to keep a flame
• Do not shut your fire right down when you go to bed
• Never let the fire smoulder

Generating excessive smoke from a wood heater is against regulations and fines may apply. If there is excessive wood-smoke from a neighbouring house it is best to contact them as often your neighbour will not realise their fire is affecting you. If the problem is unresolved you can contact Council on 6393 5300 for advice.

To view or download a guide on healthy wood heater operation see the Helpful Documents sidebar to the left on the bottom of this page.

Backyard Burning

Burning off green waste, treated materials, rubber, plastics and household rubbish can cause smoke that can be toxic for you and your neighbours.

You must not burn:
• Freshly cut and green garden clippings
• Treated and painted timbers
• Household rubbish
• Old shoes, clothes, towels and fabrics
• Tyres, bikes and old toys
• Plastics, tins, cans and bottles
• Paint tins, chemicals, cooking and engine oils

The above items can be disposed of at your nearest waste facility. For hours of operation and locations click here

If you are unsure, click here to download an information sheet or phone Council on 6393 5300 before burning anything in your backyard.

Local Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Authority has monitoring stations within the Meander Valley Council area. For health advice, alerts and air quality information in real-time, click here

Helpful Documents