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Place of Assembly

What is a Place of Assembly?

A Place of Assembly is a place or area where members of the public can gather for entertainment, social or recreational purposes. Some examples include: public swimming pools or spas, public halls, nightclubs, theatres, sporting facilities, circuses, schools (when open for public events, or available for hire), markets, temporary structures and outdoor areas being used for public gatherings. Council Officers inspect Places of Assembly to ensure standards of hygiene, sanitation, and fire safety are maintained, and to ensure overcrowding does not occur.

The Public Health Act 1997 requires these types of premises listed above to be registered with the Council.

Who needs a Place of Assembly Licence?

The Guidelines for Places of Assembly 2008 were revoked by the Director of Public Health on 18 July 2015. Consequently, a Place of Assembly Licence is only required for anyone wishing to hold a mass outdoor public event that will have 1000 people or more and for a period of two hours or more. You can apply for a Place of Assembly Licence by choosing from the links below, and returning the form to Council.

If you are planning a Public Event, you will need to apply for a Place of Assembly Licence - Specific Event, by completing the form below and returning it to Council. You may find Meander Valley Council's Event Management Guide helpful. If you are planning an event where food will be provided or sold to the public, you will need to apply for Registration of a Temporary Food Business. For more information, click here.

If you are considering making your Place of Assembly 'Smoke Free', or are planning a Smoke Free Event, click here for more information and resources.

For more information regarding Places of Assembly, click here, or contact Council's Environmental Health Officers on 6393 5300.

Select which Application you require from the links below:

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