Planning Applications Currently Advertised

Planning Applications Advertised 16 February 2019

APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0130     


ADDRESS: 1 Sturgis Place, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 175463/21)    

PROPOSAL: Multiple dwellings (4 units) - storage, car parking, frontage fence, private open space 

CLOSES: Tuesday 5 March 2019

PA\19\0130(3001 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0142     

APPLICANT: Radian Surveying 

ADDRESS: 84 West Church Street, DELORAINE (CT: 173679/2)    

PROPOSAL: Subdivision (2 lots) & two Single dwellings - building envelope, window orientatin, general suitability, lot area, solar orientation of lots, internal lot, width of crossover 

CLOSES: Tuesday 5 March 2019

PA\19\0142 (7811 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0145     


ADDRESS: 175 Emu Bay Road, DELORAINE (CT: 146957/3)    

PROPOSAL: Residential outbuilding - building envelope 

CLOSES: Tuesday 5 March 2019

PA\19\0145(13475 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0148     


ADDRESS: 529  Mersey Hill Road, MOLE CREEK (CT: 41349/1)    

PROPOSAL: Discretionary use (Visitor Accommodation) - amenity, character, vehicle movements 

CLOSES: Tuesday 5 March 2019

PA\19\0148 (4856 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0153     

APPLICANT: Trident Building Surveying 

ADDRESS: 1455  Bridgenorth Road, ROSEVALE (CT: 23056/1)    

PROPOSAL: Extension to Single dwelling - setback 

CLOSES: Tuesday 5 March 2019

PA\19\0153 (8648 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0154     


ADDRESS: 66 King Street, WESTBURY (CT: 203553/1)    

PROPOSAL: Residential outbuilding (carport) - setback, size of outbuildings 

CLOSES: Tuesday 5 March 2019

PA\19\0154 (4254 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0156     


ADDRESS: 10 Meander Valley Road, CARRICK (CT: 6676/27)    

PROPOSAL: Residential outbuilding (carport) - setbacks, building envelope, width of carport 

CLOSES: Tuesday 5 March 2019

PA\19\0156(2130 kb)



Planning Applications Advertised 9 February 2019


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0118     

APPLICANT: Sibelco Lime (TAS) Pty Ltd 

ADDRESS: Land off Den Road, MOLE CREEK (CT: 223679/1)    

PROPOSAL: Discretionary Use - Extractive Industry (entension of overburden dump) 

CLOSES: Monday 25 February 2019

PA\19\0118(13811 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0143     


ADDRESS: 32 East Westbury Place, DELORAINE (CT: 117059/7)    

PROPOSAL: Extension to Single dwelling (roofed deck) - buildiing envelope 

CLOSES: Monday 25 February 2019

PA\19\0143(4799 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0146     


ADDRESS: 109 Meander Valley Road, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 29566/4) with access over 113 Meander Valley Road, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 118590/2)   

PROPOSAL: Manufacturing & Processing (Storage building & extension to building) & Residential outbuildings (x11) - setbacks 

CLOSES: Monday 25 February 2019

PA\19\0146(8666 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0147     

APPLICANT: Design to Live 

ADDRESS: 42 Glenmore Drive, HADSPEN (CT: 174146/67)    

PROPOSAL: Residential outbuilding - building envelope. within flood prone area 

CLOSES: Monday 25 February 2019

PA\19\0147 (3566 kb)  


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0149     

APPLICANT: Urban Design Solutions 

ADDRESS: 17 Tamika Terrace, HADSPEN (CT: 173311/48)    

PROPOSAL: Single dwelling - building envelope 

CLOSES: Monday 25 February 2019

PA\19\0149(4870 kb)






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