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Planning Applications Currently Advertised

Draft Amendments to the Meander Valley Interim Planning Scheme 2013

1.  Council has initiated and certified a draft amendment to rezone land at Westbury Road, Prospect Vale to the General Business Zone. 

2.  Council has intiated and certified a draft amendment to rezone land at 7 Mace Street and land off Bordin Street, Prospect Vale

The draft amendments can be viewed here:

Draft Amendment 1 - 2017(3789 kb)

Draft Amendment 2 - 2017(2107 kb)

Link to Prospect Vale/Blackstone Heights Structure Plan

Link to Westbury Road Transport Study



Planning Applications Advertised 20 October 2018


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0032     

APPLICANT: Hydro Tasmania

ADDRESS: 31 Columbus Drive, BLACKSTONE HEIGHTS (CT: 172432/1)

PROPOSAL: Utilities (access track) - vegetation removal, landslip prone area, salinity hazard area, within 50m of a watercourse

CLOSES: Tuesday 6 November 2018

PA\19\0032(9474 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0071     


ADDRESS:  73-75 Westbruy Place, DELORAINE (CT's: 8507/1 & 8507/2)  

PROPOSAL: Extension to Outbuilding - setbacks, building envelope, width of garage openings

CLOSES: Tuesday 6 November 2018

PA\19\0071(4533 kb)



Planning Applications Advertised 13 October 2018


APPLICATION NO: PA\18\0250     

APPLICANT: PDA Surveyors - obo - R Harrison  

ADDRESS: 369 & 375 Westbury Road, PROSPECT VALE (CT's: 47054/1 & 174583/1)   

PROPOSAL: Subdivision (8 lots) - general suitability, vehicle movements 

CLOSES: Monday 29 October 2018

PA\18\0250 (3116 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0050     

APPLICANT: G & J Field  

ADDRESS: Land off Weegena Road, KIMBERLEY (CT: 204781/3)   

PROPOSAL: Farm building - setbacks

CLOSES: Monday 29 October 2018

PA\19\0050(4934 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0059     


ADDRESS: 1915 Meander Valley Road, HAGLEY (CT: 14142/1)   

PROPOSAL: Extension to Single dwelling - setbacks, scenic corridor

CLOSES: Monday 29 October 2018

PA\19\0059(3930 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0064     

APPLICANT: Honed Architecture + Design  

ADDRESS: 8 Whymper Court, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 169475/165)   

PROPOSAL: Alterations to Single dwelling (garage door & retaining wall) - building envelope, garage width

CLOSES: Monday 29 October 2018

PA\19\0064 (3215 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0065     

APPLICANT: Trident Building Surveying  

ADDRESS: 8 Wilderness Way, TRAVELLERS REST (CT: 42820/33)   

PROPOSAL: Solar Panels - setback, within scenic management area

CLOSES: Monday 29 October 2018

PA\19\0065 (5167 kb)



Planning Applications Advertised 6 October 2018


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0028     

APPLICANT: DJ McCulloch & Associates  

ADDRESS: 108 East Barrack Street, DELORAINE (CT: 147186/1)   

PROPOSAL: Subdivision (4 lots) - general suitability, building envelopes, not connected to sewerage & stormwater system, new accesses, within flood prone area, water quality 

CLOSES: Tuesday 23 October 2018

PA\19\0028(18315 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0060     

APPLICANT: Douglas Design & Drafting  

ADDRESS: 4 Sturgis Place, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 175463/9)   

PROPOSAL: Multiple dwelling (2 units) - private open space 

CLOSES: Tuesday 23 October 2018

PA\19\0060 (7867 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0061     

APPLICANT: Optimo Awnings  

ADDRESS: 2/12 Carlwood Place, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 174188/2)   

PROPOSAL: Extension to multiple dwelling (awning) - building envelope 

CLOSES: Tuesday 23 October 2018

PA\19\0061 (5033 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0062     


ADDRESS: 10 Bonney Street, ELIZABETH TOWN (CT: 241230/1)   

PROPOSAL: Residential outbuildings (animal shelters x 6) - size of outbuildings 

CLOSES: Tuesday 23 October 2018

PA\19\0062 (2846 kb)





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