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Planning Applications Currently Advertised


Notice of Amendment to the Meander Valley Interim Planning Scheme 2013 


Council has initiated and certified a draft amendment to rezone a portion of land at Longvista Road, Blackstone Heights with Certificate of Title reference 141734/8 from Open Space Zone to Environmental Management Zone and Low Density Residential Zone.  Council also determined a permit for Residential Use – Subdivision (2 Lots to 2 Lots) and Residential Structure (pontoon walkway) on the land at Longvista Road, Blackstone Heights (CT:141734/8) and 35 Longvista Road, Blackstone Heights (CT:29894/12). 

The application is available for viewing until 17 December 2018.

The amendment can be viewed here: PA\1 9\003 7 - Notice of Amendment to the Meander Valley Interim Planning Scheme 2013(11160 kb) 



Planning Applications Advertised 15 December 2018


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0116     

APPLICANT: D Greenham 

ADDRESS: 92 Hill Street, ELIZABETH TOWN (CT: 240621/1)    

PROPOSAL: Residential outbuilding - total floor area

CLOSES: Friday 11 January 2019

PA\19\0116 (1526 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0117     

APPLICANT: PDA Surveyors - obo - F Drake 

ADDRESS: 46 West Church Street, DELORAINE (CT: 128269/1)    

PROPOSAL: Subdivision (2 lots) - general suitability, orientation of lots

CLOSES: Friday 11 January 2019

PA\19\0117(1715 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0119     

APPLICANT: Prime Design 

ADDRESS: 85 Louisa Street, BRACKNELL (CT: 76086/4)    

PROPOSAL: Single dwelling & Residential outbuilding - setbacks

CLOSES: Friday 11 January 2019

PA\19\0119 (5244 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0121     

APPLICANT: Rebecca Green & Associates 

ADDRESS: 280 Exton Road, EXTON (CT: 175297/1)    

PROPOSAL: Discretionary use - Resource Development (controlled environment agriculture) - polytunnels, agricultural building, workers accommodation, dwelling, associated signage - setbacks, vehicle movements, car parking, pedestrian walkways, water quailty

CLOSES: Friday 11 January 2019

PA\19\0121(6671 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0122     

APPLICANT: Prime Design 

ADDRESS: 78 Bishopsbourne Road, CARRICK (CT: 173727/9)    

PROPOSAL: Single dwelling & Residential outbuilding - setbacks

CLOSES: Friday 11 January 2019

PA\19\0122(3371 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0123     


ADDRESS: 109 Dexter Street, WESTBURY (CT: 76125/12)    

PROPOSAL: Demolition of outbuilding & construction of outbuilding (carport & garage) - Building envelope 

CLOSES: Friday 11 January 2019

PA\19\0123 (2132 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0124     

APPLICANT: MV Consulting 

ADDRESS: 2 Sturgis Place, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 175463/8)    

PROPOSAL: Single dwelling & Residential outbuilding - building envelope, frontage fence, sight distance, width of access

CLOSES: Friday 11 January 2019

PA\19\0124 (2398 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0125     

APPLICANT: Design to Live Pty Ltd 

ADDRESS: 176 Main Road, MEANDER (CT: 116620/5)    

PROPOSAL: Single dwelling & Residential outbuilding - theight, within Karst management area

CLOSES: Friday 11 January 2019

PA\19\0125(2663 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0126     

APPLICANT: M Stylianou 

ADDRESS: 10 Cook Street, HADSPEN (CT: 162555/3)    

PROPOSAL: Residential outbuilding - building envelope

CLOSES: Friday 11 January 2019

PA\19\0126 (6505 kb)




Planning Applications Advertised 8 December 2018 


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0080     

APPLICANT: G Plunkett 

ADDRESS: 17 Lyall Street, WESTBURY (CT: 82520/1)    

PROPOSAL: Extension to Residential outbuilding & new Residential outbuilding - setbacks

CLOSES: Thursday 3 January 2019

PA\19\0080(3885 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0087     

APPLICANT: M Firoozbakht 

ADDRESS: 20 Kate Reed Drive, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 161889/142)    

PROPOSAL: Multiple dwellings (2 units) - frontage setback, building envelope, window orientation, second access, car parking, landslip risk

CLOSES: Thursday 3 January 2019

PA\19\0087(4836 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0094     


ADDRESS: 6 Burrows Street, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 114881/2)    

PROPOSAL: Multiple dwellings (2 units) - demolition of outbuilding, new outbuilding - setback to secondary frontage, building envelope, privacy, car parking, sight distance

CLOSES: Thursday 3 January 2019

PA\19\0094 (7432 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0101     

APPLICANT: Prime Design 

ADDRESS: 9 Nutt Street, DELORAINE (CT: 176040/5)    

PROPOSAL: Single dwelling - window orientation

CLOSES: Thursday 3 January 2019

PA\19\0101 (3713 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0102     


ADDRESS: 13 Gordon Place, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 153273/53)    

PROPOSAL: Single dwelling  & Residential outbuilding - building envelope

CLOSES: Thursday 3 January 2019

PA\19\0102 (5073 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0105     

APPLICANT: Michell Hodgetts Surveyors 

ADDRESS: 113 Ritchie Street, WESTBURY (CT: 125610/1)    

PROPOSAL: Subdivision (2 lots) - not connected to reticulated water, stormwater & wastewater

CLOSES: Thursday 3 January 2019

PA\19\0105 (17797 kb)


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0113     

APPLICANT: Prime Design 

ADDRESS: 13 Gleadow Street, DELORAINE (CT: 104698/11)    

PROPOSAL: Residential outbuilding - building envelope

CLOSES: Thursday 3 January 2019

PA\19\0113 (2988 kb)



Planning Applications Advertised 1 December 2018


APPLICATION NO: PA\18\0250     

APPLICANT: PDA Surveyors - obo - R Harrison 

ADDRESS: 369, 375 & 377 Westbury Road, PROSPECT VALE (CT's: 47054/1, 174583/1 & 8620/1)    

PROPOSAL: Subdivision (8 lots) - general suitability, vehicle movements 

CLOSES: Monday 17 December 2018

PA\18\0250 (3596 kb)  


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0067     

APPLICANT: Urban Design Solutions 

ADDRESS: 8 Sturgis Place, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 175463/11)    

PROPOSAL: Multiple dwellings (2 units) - privacy, design & layout of carparking 

CLOSES: Monday 17 December 2018

PA\19\0067 (5604 kb) 


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0093     

APPLICANT: Adams Building Design 

ADDRESS: 1 Liverpool Street, DELORAINE (CT: 171953/3)    

PROPOSAL: Residential outbuilding - wall height 

CLOSES: Monday 17 December 2018

PA\19\0093(4735 kb)  


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0104     

APPLICANT: G & D Schulz 

ADDRESS: 9 Morrison Street, KIMBERLEY (CT: 86734/152)    

PROPOSAL: Demolition & construction of two Residential outbuildings (garage & carport) & setbacks, floor area, sight distance, width of access 

CLOSES: Monday 17 December 2018

PA\19\0104(5812 kb)  


APPLICATION NO: PA\19\0108     

APPLICANT: A Roycroft 

ADDRESS: 89 Travellers Drive, TRAVELLERS REST (CT: 36130/6)    

PROPOSAL: Extension to Single dwelling (carport) - within scenic protection area 

CLOSES: Monday 17 December 2018

PA\19\0108 (6757 kb)




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