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Thinking of selling your home? (From the planning perspective)

For most of us, preparing to sell out home involves slapping a fresh coat of paint on the walls, cleaning up the garden, dusting the horizontal surfaces and gritting our teeth as we decide to engage a Real Estate Agent.

Some of us will go so far as to stop and look around the place and ask ourselves …

I wonder if a needed a permit for that outdoor living space with the fireplace that I added on in 2003?

Many of us over time have made some `improvements’ to our homes.

We add a shed to the property to store the unused Christmas gifts and the ride-on mower. We have a mate who is a builder knock up an extra bedroom when child number three comes along or we add a roof to the deck to provide shade on a hot day.

But generally we don’t think about permits and the `legal status’ of this type of building work.

Over the last couple of years, Council has had the opportunity to meet a lot of people under very stressful circumstances due to unapproved building works.

It usually goes like this.

Someone has made an offer on your house. Contracts are written up and the purchaser applies for a section 337 certificate from Council. The section 337 certificate tells the purchaser that not all of the building works on your property have the proper approvals.

By this stage settlement is just days away, the purchaser tells you they will not proceed with the sale until the matter is resolved.

And then you contact Council.  

Council tell you that it is going to take time and cost you money to get the relevant approvals.

So how do you avoid this happening?

Luckily it is easy.

The first thing to do if you are thinking about selling your property is to take note of what has been built. The second thing to do is to check the paperwork you have for the property. Then ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have permits for the things that have been built?

Do you have an original plan that shows all the building on the property?

If the answer is no, or you are unsure, contact Council on 6393 5320.

We can help you get permits for the work that might have fallen through the cracks, or help you finalise the paperwork for a project finished but never signed off.

The most important thing is to give yourself time to sort out any issues BEFORE you go to market and get an offer.

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