Garage Sale Trail

Garage Sale Trail

Cupboards, sheds and garages across the country will be set free on Saturday October 24 for the fifth annual Garage Sale Trail. A national grassroots waste education program, Garage Sale Trail is a champion of the reuse movement and is powered by over 150 local councils.

By encouraging Australian’s to hold garage sales on the same day, the campaign aims to promote re-use, reduce waste to landfill, bring communities together and enable fundraising. It’s free to participate and those who register are provided with a seller page that can be personalised with a catchy sale name, attention grabbing photographs and a list of items for sale. Posters, flyers and other materials can be downloaded to help make it easy to host and promote a garage sale.

Shoppers looking to discover a unique local treasure can visit the website and search what’s happening in the area.

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Garage Sale Trail is a not-for-profit community enterprise founded by Andrew Valder and Darryl Nichols. Garage Sale Trail aims to promote reuse, reduce waste to landfill, create awareness about illegal dumping, unite communities, and stimulate local economies. Now in its fifth year, the program has grown from one event in Sydney to a truly national program powered by over 150 councils who represent over half of Australia’s population. In 2014 over 350,000 people got involved with 2.9 million preloved items up for sale from over 8,000 garage sales. The average seller made over $300 and made 13 new community connections on the day.



• 8,242 registered garage sales

• 350,000 total participation

• 2.9 million + items listed for reuse

• $3.1 million generated nationally

• 98,820 new community connections made nationally

• 133 supporting local councils

• $300+ average takings per Garage Sale 2015

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