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Planning Application Decisions

The following Planning Applications were approved with conditions under delegated authority from Council.


Planning Applications Approved 20 August 2019

Application No: PA\19\0256                                                                                  

Applicant: PDA Surveyors obo Anitam P/L  

Location: 1425 Illawarra Road, CARRICK (CT's: 38663/1 & 102443/1)
Development: Subdivision (2 lots to 2 lots)
Application No: PA\20\0006                                                                                  

Applicant: N Lobdale  

Location: 38 Glenmore Drive, HADSPEN (CT: 174146/69)
Development: Multiple Dwellings (2 units)
Application No: PA\20\0017                                                                                  

Applicant: B Griffiths  

Location: 180 Wandilla Road, QUAMBY BROOK (CT: 161365/1)
Development: Extension to Dwelling & Pool Deck
Application No: PA\20\00025                                                                                 

Applicant: PDA Surveyors obo T & M Robins  

Location: 20-22 Rickman Street, DELORAINE (CT's: 117059/2 & 117059/3)
Development: Adjustment of a Boundary



Planning Applications Approved 13 August 2019

Application No: PA\19\0198                                                                            

Applicant: PDA Surveyors  

Location: 1 Farrells Road, REEDY MARSH (CT: 11940/2)
Development: Subdivision (2 lots) & Residential Outbuildings
Application No: PA\19\0236                                                                          

Applicant: Radian Surveying  

Location: 18 Grigg Street (CT: 34005/1), with drainage via 20 Grigg Street (CT: 13514/1) and 4 Railway Street (CT: 121612/2), DELORAINE
Development: Subdivision (3 lots)
Application No: PA\19\0262                                                                            

Applicant: PDA Surveyors obo S & L Hillier  

Location: 2 Emma Street, BRACKNELL (CT: 106732/1)
Development: Subdivision (2 lots)
Application No: PA\20\0004                                                                            

Applicant: M & S Bugg  

Location: 1290 Oaks Road, BRACKNELL (CT: 27695/1)
Development: Residential Outbuilding
Application No: PA\20\0010                                                                            

Applicant: Ritson Building Design  

Location: 10 Christmas Hills Road, ELIZABETH TOWN (CT: 129185/1)
Development: Extension to Food Services and Resource Processing
Application No: PA\20\0015                                                                            

Applicant: Prime Design  

Location: 418 Westbury Road, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 8355/3)
Development: Extension to Residential Outbuilding
Application No: PA\20\0019                                                                            

Applicant: AJ Phillips Surveying  

Location: 65 Meander Valley Road, HAGLEY (CT: 16431/1) and adjacent land (CT: 16431/8)
Development: Adjustment of a Boundary
Application No: PA\20\0027                                                                            

Applicant: Launceston South Uniting Church

Location: 47 Main Street, HADSPEN (CT: 209455/5)

Development: Building (shipping container)


Planning Applications Approved 6 August 2019

Application No: PA\19\0259                                                                            

Applicant: Urban Design Solutions  

Location: 28 Coates Road, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 136497/2)
Development: Residential Outbuilding & Shipping Container
Application No: PA\20\0005                                                                            

Applicant: Design to Live  

Location: 63 William Street, WESTBURY (CT: 160010/3)
Development: Single Dwelling
Application No: PA\20\0008                                                                            

Applicant: Prime Design  

Location: 38 Meander Valley Road, WESTBURY (CT: 61041/3)
Development: General Retail & Hire (shop & signage)
Application No: PA\20\0012                                                                            

Applicant: Urban Design Solutions  

Location: 22 Tamika Terrace, HADSPEN (CT: 173311/53)
Development: Single Dwelling



Planning Applications Approved 30 July 2019


Application No: PA\19\0226                                                                            

Applicant: K Edmunds  

Location: 14 Burrows Street, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 7367/1)
Development: Extension to Residential Outbuilding
Application No: PA\19\0245                                                                            

Applicant: TMK Design Solutions  

Location: 9 Charlies Lane, CARRICK (CT: 173582/17)
Development: Residential Outbuilding
Application No: PA\19\0255                                                                            

Applicant: N Fitsialos  

Location: 7 Sturgis Place, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 175463/18)
Development: Single Dwelling and Fence
Application No: PA\19\0263                                                                             

Applicant: Outside Concepts Building Launceston The Shed Company

Location: 75 South Esk Drive, HADSPEN (CT: 38647/105)
Development: Residential Outbuilding
Application No: PA\20\0021                                                                            

Applicant: N Lobdale obo Engineering Plus

Location: 14795 Highland Lakes Road, GOLDEN VALLEY (CT: 155798/1)
Development: Extension to Building
Application No: PA\20\0023                                                                            

Applicant: N Fitsialos  

Location: 465 River Road, REEDY MARSH (CT: 159447/2)
Development: Resource Development (demolition of building & new farm building) 


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