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Planning Application Decisions

The following Planning Applications were approved with conditions under delegated authority from Council.


Planning Applications Approved 18 June 2019

Application No: PA\19\0227                                                                

Applicant: S Bailey   

Location: 119 Morrison Street, KIMBERLEY (CT: 166733/2)
Development: Residential Use & Residential Outbuildings (x3)
Application No: PA\19\0247                                                                

Applicant: Natural Energy Designs   

Location: 6 Burrows Street, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 114881/2)
Development: Extension to Multiple Dwelling



Planning Applications Approved 11 June 2019

Application No: PA\19\0144                                                                

Applicant: Trident Building Surveying   

Location: 3949 Meander Valley Road, EXTON (CT: 152596/4)
Development: New Frontage Fence & Relocation of Signage
Application No: PA\19\0180                                                                

Applicant: G Clark   

Location: 20 Cassidys Road, RED HILLS (CT: 109552/3)
Development: Resource Development (Controlled Environment Agriculture)
Application No: PA\19\0205                                                                

Applicant: T Woolley   

Location: 538 River Road, REEDY MARSH (CT: 236483/1)
Development: Residential Outbuilding


Planning Applications Approved 4 June 2019

Application No: PA\19\0137                                                                

Applicant: L Gul   

Location: Unit 1 & 2 at 152; 154 & Crown Land Blackstone Road, BLACKSTONE HEIGHTS (CT's: 27768/27, 144314/1, 144314/2 & 27768/66)
Development: Extension to Single Dwelling & Multiple Dwellings, and stormwater pipes
Application No: PA\19\0213                                                             

Applicant: N Bramdsema - nplusb design pty ltd  

Location: 89 Weegena Road, KIMBERLEY (CT: 33982/1)
Development: Single Dwelling  
Application No: PA\19\0218
Applicant: Trident Building Surveying
Location: 21 Brodies Road, GOLDEN VALLEY (CT: 27321/1)
Development: Residential Outbuilding

Application No: PA\19\0225
Applicant: A Schnierer
Location: 40 Meander Valley Road, CARRICK (CT: 101518/10)
Development: Extension to Single Dwelling, Residential Outbuildings & Structures

Application No: PA\19\0238
Applicant: M Heathcote
Location: 102 Brodies Road, GOLDEN VALLEY (CT: 17636/1)
Development: Residential Outbuilding                  


Planning Applications Approved 28 May 2019

Application No: PA\19\0210                                                              

Applicant: C & N Hall   

Location: 357 Meander Valley Road, TRAVELLERS REST (CT: 175796/1)
Development: Residential Outbuilding
Application No: PA\19\0219                                                              

Applicant: K Nicholas   

Location: 104 South Esk Drive, HADSPEN (CT: 107897/15)
Development: Residential Outbuilding
Application No: PA\19\0220                                                              

Applicant: N Rowbottom   

Location: 60 Panorama Road, BLACKSTONE HEIGHTS (CT: 52376/15)
Development: Residential Outbuilding
Application No: PA\19\0232                                                              

Applicant: S Group   

Location: 10 Jardine Crescent, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 172407/200)
Development: Extension to Multiple Dwelling (carport)



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