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Planning Application Decisions

The following Planning Applications were approved with conditions under delegated authority from Council.




Planning Applications Approved 12 February 2019


Application No: PA\19\0134                                                  

Applicant: G Page  

Location:  360 Coxs Road, RED HILLS (CT's: 42678/1 & 42678/9)

Development: Resource Development (Demolition & Construction of farm shed) & a minor boundary adjustment


Application No: PA\19\0135                                                  

Applicant: J Upston  

Location:  1/1 Gleneagles Way,  PROSPECT VALE (CT: 56012/2)

Development: Extension to Multiple Dwellings (awning)


Application No: PA\19\0140                                                  

Applicant: Design to Live  

Location:  13565 Highland Lakes Road, GOLDEN VALLEY (CT: 120769/1) with access via 13657 Highland Lakes Road (CT: 147191/1) & land off Highland Lakes Road (CT:247535/1), GOLDEN VALLEY

Development: Discretionary use (Residential) - Single Dwelling 


Application No: PA\19\0152                                               

Applicant: A Cassidy  

Location:  1A Lonsdale Promenade, WESTBURY (CT: 117008/1)

Development: Extension to Single Dwelling



Planning Application Approved 5 February 2019


Application No: PA\19\0109                                                  

Applicant: T Cox  

Location:  2 Jordan Place, DELORAINE (CT: 169810/2)

Development: Community Meeting & Entertainment (Place of Worship) - Signage (Identification Sign)



Planning Application Approved 31 January 2019


Application No: PA\19\0090                                                  

Applicant: D Denman & Associates  

Location:  1145 Westwood Road, HAGLEY (CT: 144229/1)

Development: Tourist Operation (part demolition & extension to Visitor Accommodation)



Planning Applications Approved 29 January 2019


Application No: PA\19\0112                                                  

Applicant: Woolcott Surveys  

Location:  1 Harley Parade, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 175464/1)

Development: Food Services (pole sign) 


Application No: PA\19\0127                                                  

Applicant: Cohen & Associates P/L  

Location:  179 Mary Street, WESTBURY (CT: 170434/2)

Development: Subdivision (2 lots)


Application No: PA\19\0133                                                  

Applicant: G Page  

Location:  315 Oaks Road, CARRICK (CT: 135734/2)

Development: Discretionary Use - Transport Depot (building)



Planning Applications Approved 22 January 2019


Application No: PA\19\0074                                                  

Applicant: Cyclad Buildings  

Location:  380 Den Road, MOLE CREEK (PID: 7287876)

Development: Extractive Industries - storage shed 


Application No: PA\19\0129                                                  

Applicant: PDesign to Live  

Location:  106 Bishopsbourne Road, CARRICK (CT: 173727/13)

Development: Single Dwelling & Residential Outbuildings (2)


Application No: PA\19\0138                                                  

Applicant: C Looby  

Location:  191 Christmas Hills Road, ELIZABETH TOWN (CT: 237307/1)

Development: Residential Outbuilding 




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