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Planning Application Decisions

The following Planning Applications were approved with conditions under delegated authority from Council.


Planning Applications Approved 16April 2019

Application No: PA\19\0151                                                             

Applicant: Cohen & Associates Pty Ltd   

Location: 41 Veterans Row, WESTBURY (CT: 31594/2)
Development: Subdivision (2 lots)


Application No: PA\19\0171                                                             

Applicant: J Kachina & M Griffiths   

Location: 40 Westbury Place, DELORAINE (CT: 175421/7)
Development: Single Dwelling
Application No: PA\19\0181                                                          

Applicant: MV Consulting   

Location: 64 Trafalgar Drive, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 155765/78)
Development: Single Dwelling & Residential Outbuilding
Application No: PA\19\0184                                                             

Applicant: S & B Oakes   

Location: 7 Hill Street, ELIZABETH TOWN (CT: 248306/3)
Development: Subdivision (2 lots)
Application No: PA\19\0185                                                             

Applicant: N Bye   

Location: 15 Ada Street, BRACKNELL (CT: 29732/2)
Development: Residential Outbuilding
Application No: PA\19\0186                                                             

Applicant: Honed Architecture + Design   

Location: 50 Bishopsbourne Road, CARRICK (CT: 173386/5)
Development: Single Dwelling & Residential Outbuilding
Application No: PA\19\0193                                                             

Applicant: J Coward   

Location: 12 Winter Street, DELORAINE (CT: 63242/9)
Development: Single Dwelling & 2 crossovers



Planning Applications Approved 9 April 2019


Application No: PA\19\0082                                                             

Applicant: Pitch-tech Constructions   

Location: 4 Clifton Place, PROSPECT VALE (CT: 51370/64)
Development: Multiple Dwellings (2 Units)


Application No: PA\19\0183                                                             

Applicant: M Crocket   

Location: 6 Longvista Road, BLACKSTONE HEIGHTS (CT: 154397/2)
Development: Residential Outbuilding (garden shed) 
Application No: PA\19\0203                                                             

Applicant: S Hume   

Location: 137 Henrietta Street, BRACKNELL (CT: 153946/5)
Development: Single Dwelling

Planning Applications Approved 2 April 2019  

Application No: PA\19\0166                                                             

Applicant: Cohen & Associates Pty Ltd   

Location: 175 Moore Street, WESTBURY (CT: 41239/16)
Development: Subdivision (3 lots)
Application No: PA\19\0174                                                             

Applicant: N Fitsialos   

Location: 844 Whitemore Road, WHITEMORE (CT: 161540/1)
Development: Extension to Single Dwelling
Application No: PA\19\0175                                                             

Applicant: Design to Live   

Location: 52 Shadforth Street, WESTBURY (CT: 170998/2)
Development: Single Dwelling
Application No: PA\19\0177                                                             

Applicant: G Kernan   

Location: 23-25 Jones Street, WESTBURY (CT: 197669/1)
Development: Subdivision (2 lots)
Application No: PA\19\0178                                                             

Applicant: D Woodham   

Location: 1 Morrison Street, KIMBERLEY (CT: 132758/1)
Development: Residential Outbuilding
Application No: PA\19\0179                                                             

Applicant: D & A Beer   

Location: 79 East Barrack Street, DELORAINE (CT: 17899/6)
Development: Residential Outbuilding & demolition of Outbuilding
Application No: PA\19\0189                                                             

Applicant: Forico Pty Ltd   

Location: 328 Sugarloaf Road, JACKEYS MARSH (CT: 203571/1)
Development: Resource Development (Forestry - FPL 0675)
Application No: PA\19\0190                                                             

Applicant: Forico Pty Ltd   

Location: 394 Scotts Road, MOLE CREEK (CT: 112657/1)
Development: Resource Development (Forestry - FPL 0624)



Planning Application Approved 28 March 2019


Application No: PA\19\0176                                                             

Applicant: P Flood (Parks & Wildlife Service)   

Location: Walls of Jerusalem National Park, off Mersey Forest Road, LIENA (PID: 3392740)
Development: Natural & Cultural Values Managemner (car parking areas, toilet & registration booth)




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