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South Esk Riverbank Reserve

Cycling Dog Exercise Area Walking and Hiking trails
Riverway Between Foote Street & Winton Fields Court
Facilities Park

Park Facilities:
  • Swimming & Watersport at South Esk River*
  • Walking Tracks
  • Unsealed Bike Path
  • Fishing at the South Esk River**
  • Open Recreation Space
  • Un-fenced Dog Exercise Areas at Lions Park Reserve & Bowden Road Reserve

*  South Esk Riverbank Reserve is one of the Council's "Recreational Water" sites, and from December to March, is monitored weekly to ensure it is safe for swimming.  Please remember to click this link, to check council website for any closures:  News, Alerts & Media Releases

**  An "Inland Fishing Licence" is required for freshwater fishing in Tasmania.  For further information and to purchase your licence, please click this link, to visit the Inland Fisheries Service website: IFS - Angling Licence


The South Esk Riverbank Park extends from the beginning of the riverside walking track at Foote Street, through to the private property at Winton Fields Court. 

Park can be accessed via entrances on Foote Street & Reibey Street, as well as via Bowdens Road Recreation Reserve (off South Esk Drive), Main Street Skate Park (Main Street & Vrouka Place entrances), Hadspen Lion's Park Reserve (Main Street) & Hadspen Recreation Park & Memorial Centre (Clare Street) (please refer to map).



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