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Oil Vulnerability Action Plan

Meander Valley Council (MVC) commissioned this Oil Vulnerability Assessment and Action Plan to better understand the likely risks of, and increase the resilience to, oil vulnerability impacts on Council, local businesses and the Meander Valley community. MVC recognises the risks and opportunities presented by changes to the price and availability of oil, and the specific vulnerabilities associated with the Meander Valley, including:

  • a highly dispersed population
  • heavy reliance on cars for personal transport
  • a reliance on primary production and related fuel use
  • reliance on imports and exports, and vulnerabilities to rising freight costs
  • manufacturing and related industries reliant on exports and freight costs.

Oil is a vital part of modern life, and is involved in almost everything we do. Beyond its obvious use as a liquid fuel for transport, oil is used for:

  • heating
  • food production (in the form of synthetic fertilisers), packaging and distribution
  • the production of lubricants, synthetic fibres, fabrics, plastics, detergents, solvents and paint thinners
  • the production of chemical bases for medicines, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Undertaking an assessment of the risks and opportunities presented by changing prices and availability of oil, and developing a practical action plan in response, will allow MVC to mitigate and manage risks to its operations and assets, and work with the Meander Valley community and businesses to do the same. This plan is not intended to debate the likelihood, timing and magnitude of changes to the price and availability of oil, but instead manage the risks that may occur with rising costs and reduced availability of oil.

To view the Meander Valley Oil Vulnerability Action Plan click here 
(2 MB PDF)

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