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Water Availability

Meander Dam Overflowing

In February 2008 the $30 million dollar Meander Dam was completed. It provided 36 000 mega litres of water for irrigation across Meander Valley, making this the biggest irrigation scheme in Tasmania. Since then, 4 water distribution pipelines have been constructed across the region to allow for a greater level of up take by producers. This important infrastructure investment has increased the irrigation area across Meander Valley enterprises in the respective irrigation districts by an average of 76%.

This investment establishes a significant competitive advantage for the region which now allows for valuable Class 3, 4 & 5 lands to be irrigated in a financially sustainable manner. The introduction of the irrigation scheme has supported a substantial increase in dairy opeations and an expansion of cropping operations, particularly in the Quamby, Osmaston and Hagley districts.

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