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Importance of Agriculture

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Agriculture is a major driver of Meander Valley's economy contributing over $145 million to the economy. The fertile soils, pristine water supply and temperate climate of the region, underpins the level of high quality and quantity of produce for which Meander Valley is renowned. Over many decades, agricultural enterprises have established a proven track record in producing a diverse range of high quality products. In dollar terms Meander Valley accounts for 10.4% of Tasmania's gross agricultural product and has the third largest quantity of land under agricultural use in Tasmania and is the third largest in terms of production value.

Local Government Area

Hectares in use - Agriculture (All uses except Forestry)

Production Value

Meander Valley Council

105, 105


Northern Midlands

358, 944


Circular Head

103, 291



125, 623


Production value in Meander Valley over the last 10 years has increased from $61 million to $102 million. Of this figure, crops made up 39% of the total value followed by livestock products at 38% and livestock slaughtering at 23%. Dairy operations continue to be the dominant component of livestock products and accounts for 88.6% of production or $34.2 million. In 2009 there were 453 dairy farms in Tasmania and of those 74 or 16% were located in Meander Valley.

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