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Give Plastic Bags the Flick

Across Tasmania, retailers are preparing to move away from lightweight plastic shopping bags and customers are being encouraged to remember their own clean reusable bags.

From 1 November 2013 Tasmanian retailers can no longer supply shoppers with non-biodegradable, lightweight plastic shopping bags. Retailers can continue supplying customers with any other bag option, including paper bags, thicker boutique-style plastic bags, biodegradable plastic bags and reusable bags.

To help raise public awareness of the ban, free promotion materials have been developed and will be provided to all retailers who register to receive them. The materials include posters, information flyers and counter cards to help explain the ban to customers. Information and materials specifically for retailers are also being provided.

Here's some suggestions on ways customers can reduce their use of plastic bags:

1. Take “green” bags to the shop with you. Put your car keys in your green bags so you don’t forget them”.
2. Don’t put packaged items with built in handles into a bag (e.g. dog food or nappies).
3. If you are only buying a few things consider carrying them.
4. Put several purchases into one bag instead of getting a new bag at each store.
5. If you do need a plastic bag think of ways to re-use it e.g. store clothes, line bins or pick up dog poo.
6. Use the reusable and washable ‘Onya Weigh’ drawstring net bags for your fruit and vegetable shopping.

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