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Meander Valley Economic Renewal Project

In March 2013 the Meander Valley Council initiated an economic review process to help it and the community better understand what new opportunities exist for the area and what needs to be done to realise them. The process involving community and business workshops, surveys and meetings was conducted by Economic Researcher, Ian McMahon, and Social Demographer, Kath Wilson from MMC Link.

The views and ideas provided by community and business throughout the consultation have been captured in the attached Economic Renewal Project Report.

Meander Valley Economic Renewal Report(1967 kb)

An Economic Renewal Action Group (ERAG) made up of community and business members of the Meander Valley whom are striving to ensure the continued economic growth and sustainability of our region.

ERAGs Vision: "To support people in the community to drive a thriving economy in Meander Valley."

ERAGs Mission: "Within 5 years Meander Valley will be in the top 10 regional areas in Australia for attracting investment"

To find out more about ERAG visit

ERAG is supported by Meander Valley Enterprise Centre and Meander Valley Council.

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