Bus Stops and Shelters

Bus Services

Locations of bus stops and the prevision of school bus services within the Meander Valley municipality are controlled by the Department of State Growth (DoSG).  Council does not have the authority to approve the locations or frequency of bus stops.

Bus operators have a duty of care to pick up and drop off children at suitably safe and appropriate locations.  Complaints relating to bus services or requests for additional stops should be directed to the DoSG Contract Bus Services, or you can download a form from here.  Timetables and locations of existing bus stop locations can be obtained by contacting the relevant school or DoSG.

Please be aware that it is the law for vehicles to reduce their speed to a maximum of 40km/hr when approaching a bus with flashing lights.

Bus Shelters

Council does not construct bus shelters. In a limited number of locations throughout the municipality, bus shelters have been erected either by the appropriate bus company or by local service clubs.  These shelters still require building, planning and infrastructure approval from Council.  Such bus shelters would normally be erected in areas where there are considerable numbers of people congregating to catch a bus or when it is a terminus at the end of a bus route.

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