Planning Overview

Land Use Zones

What is a land Use Zone?

The planning scheme zones land for particular uses, for example, residential, industrial, business or other. The zones are listed in the planning scheme and each zone has a purpose and set of development standards. This information describes if a planning permit is required, and the matters that the council must consider before deciding to grant a permit.

The zone also contains information relating to land uses, subdivision of land, construction of new buildings and other changes to the land.

How do I know what Zone applies to my property?

The planning scheme Zone maps show each property in Meander Valley.  Here is a link to the maps

You can use the maps to locate your property and then check the colour that applies to your property. Each zone has a colour. For instance if you live in the urban area of one of our bigger towns like Deloraine or Westbury your property will most likely be shown in red for the General Residential Zone or grey which is the Urban Mixed Use Zone.

The starting point for all development is assessment against the Planning Scheme which details the standards applicable for all use and development. Under the Planning Scheme there are five classifications:

If the development is exempt or has no permit required classification, and all standards of scheme are met, then you do not require a planning permit and can proceed straight to building and plumbing assessment. For all other use or development you will require a planning permit before you can commence any construction or use.

The process and timelines that Council must comply with when assessing a development application for a planning permit are stipulated in the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993. Under this legislation Council has a maximum of 28 days for Permitted applications and 42 days for Discretionary applications to make a decision. However, Council can request further information if required, which will 'stop the clock' until the required information is provided. This can result in the decision taking longer than stated.


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