Medical, Community & Aged Care Services

Meander Valley is well served by a number of medical service providers who have a significant involvement in the care, health and wellbeing of our residents. Like many other regional areas of Australia, supporting the needs of our ageing population is a challenge however this also provides an opportunity for the health and aged care sector to grow into the future.

Meander Valley Council takes an active role in developing initiatives with health and aged care stakeholders to meet future needs. An example of this is Council’s partnership with Aged Care Deloraine to construct 10 Independent Living Units in Deloraine and 10 Units in Westbury.


Deloraine District Hospital

Deloraine District Hospital is a 20 bed Acute Care facility that includes Palliative Care and General Medical Care. The hospital coordinates the delivery of a broad range of community and allied health services within the Meander Valley. The Hospital operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Clinics and Services that operate within the hospital operate Monday to Friday between 9.00am - 5.00pm. To find out more, visit and type in Deloraine District Hospital in the Search Box.

Deloraine District Hospital,
East Barrack Street, Deloraine 7304
T: +61 3 6362 5000

Westbury Community Health Centre

The Westbury Community Health Centre provides Meander Valley residents with access to quality health and community services. There are a number of Community Services, Visiting Services and Support Groups that operate from the centre. A Child Heath Service and the Westbury Day Care Centre also operates from this location. To find out more, visit and type in Westbury Community Health Centre in the Search Box.

Westbury Community Health Centre,
89 Meander Valley Road, Westbury 7303
T: +61 3 6701 2150

Aged Care Deloraine

Aged Care Deloraine and the Deloraine community provide a caring environment for aged residents, set against a backdrop of the majestic Great Western Tiers within park like garden settings. Aged care is centred on three facilities that provide independent living units, low level hostel and nursing home care, all conveniently located close to the main shopping area in Deloraine.

Aged Care Deloraine,
71 Emu Bay Road, Deloraine 7304
T: +61 3 6362 8300

Doctors & Medical Clinics

There are a number of well-resourced Medical Clinics across Meander Valley. These are located in Deloraine, Westbury and the Prospect Vale area. These can be found in the Yellow Pages or can be searched on-line.

Meander Valley Council - Working Together
PO Box 102, Westbury, Tasmania 7303 : Tel: 03 6393 5300 : Fax: 03 6393 1474 : E:
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