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Event Management


Meander Valley Council’s Event Management Guide highlights a number of issues to consider when planning and organising a community event within the Meander Valley area.

Please ensure an Event Notification Form is lodged 6-9 months (minium 3 months) prior to your event to ensure enough time for the approval process.

Once we receive your notification form we will contact you regarding the necessary requirements, applications and fees for your particular event.

Flow charts are provided within the Guide outlining the event organisation process and Council's application process. An Event Action Plan Guide is also included to help you plan your event.

Depending on the type and location of your event you may be required to obtain a number of approvals from Council, for example a Planning Permit, Place of Assembly Licence and/or Temporary Occupancy Permit.

Council is available to provide guidance and direction to help ensure that your event meets all requirements and that it is run safely and successfully. It remains however the Event Organiser's responsibility to seek additional information where required and to ensure that all approvals have been obtained.

Have you considered making your event 'Smoke Free'? For more information on organising a Smoke Free Event, click here.

Getting Started - Lodge to Council your Event Notification Form:

Refer to Event Management Guide for assistance in organising, planning and managing your event:

Supplementary Information Sheets - Event Management:

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