Annual Plan

The purpose of an annual plan is to outline:

  • Our plan for the development and use of financial resources, human resources and assets;
  • The activity performance targets to be achieved during the year;
  • The programs required to achieve the activity performance targets;
  • The financial and other resources required to achieve the activity performance targets.

The plan contents include:

  • Background information;
  • Within each functional area a list of activity performance targets and programs to be undertaken;
  • The human resource development plan;
  • Details of rating policies; and
  • An appraisal of current issues of importance to the municipal area.

The files below include the most current Annual Plan, together with quarterly review results.



singleFileAnnual Plan 2018-19

singleFileAnnual Plan 2018-19 - December Quarter

singleFileAnnual Plan 2019-20

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