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Chudleigh is named after a village in Devon, England. It is a small, pretty village set in beautiful countryside between Mole Creek and Deloraine. 

Chudleighs history is bound up with one well-known character, Henry Reed, who had a large property there in 1837.

As you travel the district, drop in for a break at The Honey Farm. 

The honey farm provides an exciting way to see honeybees up close. You cant miss the large, friendly cartoon style honeybees marking the building. Watch real honey bees at work behind glass, learn about the Tasmanian honey story and enjoy the selection of over 30 different honey varieties.

The Chudleigh Show, held in February, is one of Tasmanias oldest local shows, and still retains its classic country feel. Come and see the animals, watch the horses in the showground, or marvel at the strength of the axemen in the woodchop arena.


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