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Tasmanian Planning Scheme - Draft Meander Valley Local Provisions Schedule

The public exhibition period for the Draft Meander Valley Local Provisions Schedule has now closed. 

In accordance with the Act, Council's report that considers the representations was determined at the Council meeting on Tuesday 9 April 2019.  The report has been forwarded to the Tasmanian Planning Commission who will hold public hearings on the representations.  The hearing schedule is attached below.

MVC LPS Hearing Schedule(193 kb)


The report on the representations is included in the April Council meeting agenda, attached here.

Pages from Ordinary Agenda - April 2019(346 kb)

MVC LPS Section 35 Report(1401 kb)

MVC LPS Section 35 Report - Representations - Vol 1 (14347 kb )

MVC LPS Section 35 Report - Representations - Vol 2(9384 kb)


For information purposes, the documents that were placed on public exhibition can still be viewed below.


The Tasmanian Planning Scheme (TPS) will apply across the whole State. It will replace the current planning schemes that operate in each Council area. The TPS is made up of the State Planning Provisions and a Local Provisions Schedule for each council area.

A fact sheet outlining the structure and process of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme is attached here ... 

Fact Sheet - Tasmanian Planning Scheme - Structure and Process 2018(122 kb)  



The SPP’s were made by the Minister in February 2017 with minor amendments in April 2018.  

The SPP’s set out the way the planning scheme operates, the zones that can be applied to land and the planning rules for use and development that occurs within those zones. The SPP’s also include planning rules in codes, relating to matters that occur across various zones. The intent of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme is to achieve as much consistency as possible in the planning rules that apply across the State.  

The SPP’s are attached here ...

State Planning Provisions(3417 kb)  



The LPS requirements are set out in the SPP’s and are part of the legislated framework.

The LPS is made up of:

• The zone maps;

• Local area objectives (LAO’s);

• Particular Purpose Zones (PPZ’s);

• Specific Area Plans (SAP’s)

• Site Specific Qualifications (SSQ’s)

• Code overlay maps (prescribed and local data)

• Code lists


The written rules of the Draft LPS are included at Appendix A of the SPP’s document and are attached here ... 

Draft Meander Valley LPS - Appendix A(2218 kb)  


The maps are available as an A3 PDF version map book attached here ...

TPS Zones - Draft Meander Valley LPS(19813 kb)  

TPS Codes - Draft Meander Valley LPS - Volume 1(19152 kb)  

TPS Codes - Draft Meander Valley LPS - Volume 2(17616 kb)  

TPS Codes - Draft Meander Valley LPS - Volume 3(3015 kb)  


or can be viewed through a web-based map platform by clicking on the link below ...  










The contents of the Draft LPS and associated requirements under the Act are discussed in a supporting report attached here ...

Meander Valley Council Draft LPS Supporting Report (Oct 2018)(9791 kb)  



The Draft LPS includes some specific area plans, site specific qualifications and code applying provisions that are currently operating in the Meander Valley Planning Scheme 2013. These provisions have been approved by the Minister for Planning to transition into the Draft LPS under Schedule 6 of the Act and must be included in the Draft LPS.

The approved Transitional Provisions are attached here ...   

Approved Transitional Provisions - Meander Valley LPS (6 Sep 2018)(662 kb)

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