Tasmanian Planning Scheme - Local Provisions Schedule - Community Consultation


Meander Valley Council is preparing its draft local provisions for the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

Council will be holding a preliminary and informal public consultation process over the next 4 weeks to discuss the proposed zoning of land and the parts of the planning scheme that are intended to apply only to the Meander Valley local government area.

Because the new planning scheme is going to be quite different and new rules will apply, Council is holding some face to face sessions where the community can discuss the planning scheme with Council’s planners.  The locations and dates for these sessions are:

Monday 23 Oct

Westbury  - Town Hall   Supper Room

5pm – 8pm

Tuesday 24 Oct

Mole Creek – Mole Creek Guest House

5pm – 8pm

Wednesday 25 Oct

Deloraine – Community Complex Alveston Drive


Thursday 26 Oct

Prospect Vale – Australian Italian Club

414 Westbury Road


Council encourages you to come along, have a cup of tea with us and talk about what the new planning scheme means for you and Meander Valley.

The planning scheme documentation and information fact sheets are available as PDF documents below.

Please note: that mapping for the Priority Vegetation overlay is not yet complete and is anticipated to be uploaded within a week.

The consultation period for submissions will close on Friday 10 November 2017. 

Any enquiries can be directed to Council’s planning department on Ph. 63935320 or by email at planning@mvc.tas.gov.au 

Fact Sheets - Zones(2161 kb)

Fact Sheet - Codes(994 kb)

Fact Sheet - Priority Vegetation Overlay(3765 kb)

Tasmanian Planning Scheme - Meander Valley Local Provisions Schedule(6032 kb)

Below is a link to a digital map reader which shows the draft zones and overlays.


Below are the PDF versions of the draft zones and overlays.

Meander Valley LPS Zones Mapbook(7277 kb)

Meander Valley SAP Mapbook(1665 kb)

Meander Valley LPS Karst Specific Area Plan(14077 kb)

Meander Valley LPS Electricity Transmission Overlay(3278 kb)

Meander Valley LPS Flood Fire Prone Areas Overlay(7411 kb)

Meander Valley LPS Landslip Hazard Overlay(9876 kb)

Meander Valley LPS Natural Assets Overlay excluding Priority Veg(14252 kb)

Meander Valley LPS Natural Assets Overlay Priority Vegetation(12130 kb)

Meander Valley LPS Scenic Protection Overlay(4902 kb)

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