Council Meeting update - April 2016

13 April 2016


An overview of the decisions made at Council’s April meeting held yesterday:

Development Services

  1. The Department of Justice is reviewing The Building Act (2000). The changes will impact the way Council provides its Building Surveying Service. There will be fewer building permit applications, reducing revenue and the Building Surveying Service will need to be managed as a separate function distinct from the Permit Authority function, adding to the cost to provide it.
    The revised Act has been structured to provide clear and distinct roles and responsibilities for each function of the building regulatory framework. Within the revised Act, Council’s responsibility is to:

There is no requirement for Council to provide a Building Surveying Service. Based on the Council Officer’s full recommendation, Council agreed to:

2. Council agreed to relocate funding ($45,000) from two deferred projects in the Development Services operation budget to ensure the adequate support of the Green Army Program. 


  1. Council adopted the amended Policy No 73 – Managing Public Appeals
  2. Council considered a Notice of Motion from Councillor Bob Richardson concerning a proposal to introduce closed circuit television (CCTV) in 3 priority places in both Deloraine and Westbury as a business security measure and agreed to apportion $10,000 from accumulated funds to implement the program. In the event of the Meander Valley Business Association receiving a Safer Streets Grant, then the $10,000 will be allocated to Westbury businesses only.
  3. Council considered a Notice of Motion from Deputy Mayor Michael Kelly about a request from Deloraine Devils Netball Club to provide new netball courts in Deloraine and agreed to include a request for funding of $300,000 in the Lyons federal election priority project list.
  4. Council received and noted the Annual Plan review for the March 2016 quarter
  5. Council appointed Mr Chris Lyall of Hadspen, as an Independent Audit Panel Member to fill the current vacancy on the Meander Valley Council Audit Panel.

Economic Development & Sustainability

  1. Former Meander School Decision process

Council agreed to:

Corporate Services

  1. Council received the following financial reports for the period ended 31 March 2016:

Infrastructure Services

  1. Council endorsed the Meander Valley Emergency Management Plan, Issue 5 – January 2016 and will forward the Plan to the State Emergency Management Controller for approval.


  1. Council considered a Notice of Motion from Councillor Deb White regarding the use of glyphosate by Meander Valley Council and agreed to monitor current research into the effects of glyphosate and explore the use of available non-toxic alternatives.

For more information on an individual item, please refer to the full Council meeting minutes and agenda available on Council’s website


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