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December Council meeting update

9 December 2015


A quick overview of the decisions made at Council’s December meeting held yesterday.

Development Services

  1. Council decided to start a process to amend the Meander Valley Interim Planning Scheme 2013. The proposed amendment includes the rezoning of land to the Rural living Zone in several locations and the inclusion of provisions in the Interim Planning Scheme to provide for subdivision in specific locations.
  2. Council agreed to discontinue Policy No. 44 – Heritage Advice.
  3. The Notice of Motion from Cr Bob Richardson seeking Council’s support to ‘initiate discussions with the community and relevant Commonwealth and State authorities in relation to reception and integration of refugees into Australian Society and in particular Meander Valley’ was approved.


  1. Council appointed the Director Economic Development and Sustainability, Mr Rick Dunn, as Acting General Manager from 4 January 2016 to 15 January 2016 inclusive, when the General Manager is on Annual Leave.
  2. Council confirmed the continuation of Policy No.1 – Risk Management.
  3. Council agreed to discontinue its Disability Access Policy (NO. 69) and expressed a commitment to support Disability and Difference within its Community Development framework.
  4. Council agreed to advertise for a replacement member to fill the vacancy on its Audit Panel for the remainder of the current two year term expiring in October 2016.
  5. Council formalised the appointment of 18 Special Committees and their members as required by Section 24(2) of the Local Government Act 1993

Infrastructure Services

  1. Council reviewed budgets for the 2015-2016 capital works program and approved 12 new and one reduced budget amounts.

Annual General Meeting

Council held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 8 December at 4.00pm.
The 2014-15 Annual Report is available on Council’s website.

For more information on an individual item, please refer to the full Council meeting minutes and agenda available on Council’s website from 10 December 2015.

The following decisions taken by Council in ‘closed session’ are for the public’s information:

The nominations for the Australia Day Awards were received and discussed.


Enquiries: Mayor Craig Perkins 0457 401 220

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